30% off Keap for the first 5 months of your subscription

$56/month $79/month Expired Deal

Save time by automating some of your repetitive tasks!

Keap is a versatile automation tool that will save you lots of time in your CRM, Sales, and marketing efforts. Amongst, the boring tasks you can say goodbye to by using Keap are:

  • Followup emails
  • Followup SMS
  • Tracking leads
  • Setting up appointmentsĀ 
  • Sales PipelinesĀ 
  • Shopping Cart

Moreover, if you want to get yourself some free time to develop your business, you might be needing one of these, and you don’t even know it.

Who needs Keap?

Any e-commerce store that aims to become the best in its niche at a point in time.Ā 

Why? Above all, Keap comes with a fantastic shopping cart option, sales pipeline automation, lead tracking, automated emails, and SMS journey.

This 4 in 1 tool will help your business and prepare for the boom of customers that will come from concentrating on bringing more clients in rather than on boring and monotonous tasks that take away your time and focus.

30% off promotion- Tekpon Keap deals

The promotion applies to all Keap pricing packages: Lite, Pro, and Max and can be enjoyed by any e-commerce user that isn’t a Keap user.Ā 

Changing platforms to Keap

Above all, the Keap software is customer-friendly and, like any software that understands that bringing value to the market and making customers happy means success, offers you a migration service.

The migration service will make sure that your customers and team don’t feel the change. Just notice all the extra perks.

How do I get my 30% off?

Very easy! All you have to do is access the website through the link provided by us, register, start your 15 free trials,s and then enjoy the 30% off for the following 5 months.

However, after the promotion is over you will automatically be charged the full price of the chosen package.

For more information about the software, visit the Keap review, pricing, and alternatives section.

Alina-Maria Stan

Alina is a vegetarian, yet she adores her hot dog, Sandy. But don't you worry, Alina's reviews will still be meaty. She is the team's peace before and after the brainstorm but pretty Viking when she has to sustain her ideas. Alina has lived in Denmark for eleven years, from there her state of being. Whenever she has some spare time, you would find her traveling, trying a new experience, exploring nature, naturally cuddling her dog and cat, or cooking something up whenever her husband is not near the kitchen.

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