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In a world of AI, why don’t you cut yourself some slack and automate your LinkedIn lead generation?

Yes, the world today is more and more automated. Why don’t you give your team time to create meaningful relations instead of wasting energy and time on manual labor ?! Did your know that automating will same 48h/month each of your team members. Now that I caught your attention let’s speak about Salesloop and the coupon available. is a LinkedIn automation service. The Team package essentially gives you the possibility to automate 6 accounts all at once. Above all, all of this in a super safe environment without the risk of getting any of your LinkedIn accounts blocked due to the super performer security system. - LinkedIn Automation Service

Essentially all you have to do for it to work is connect the 6 accounts to the program and start the automation process. SalesLoop will work on generating leads for you even with your computer shut down.

Moreover, the integrations Salesloop comes with will also help your campaign be more personalized and cohesive. LeadFeeder will provide you the contact information of 98% of the companies that visited your website but never contacted you. will take that data and give you the best matching LinkedIn profile of the most appropriate decision-makers from that company in your line of work.

How to claim your coupon code?

Easy peasy we would say. Under the “Claim Deal” button, you can find the coupon code corresponding to the current Salesloop campaign.

Further, once you find yourself at the purchasing page before you make the payment use the coupon code from Tekpon to get your 25% off.

System Requirements for

  • 6 LinkedIn Free Account, Sales Navigator, Recruiter or Premium
  • Cloud-based solution – Mac OS & Windows

Important details

  • Subscription-based package
  • Self-managed
  • Available only with the Coupon Code


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