NordVPN started with a single VPN server. It is now one of the most trustworthy internet security providers in the market, being used by over 14 million users worldwide. Influential tech sites and IT security specialists are recognizing NordVPN for its solid values and well-thought-out features.

A short history of NordVPN

In 1989, the World Wide Web was launching. It then envisioned a world without surveillance, free from censorship and online threats. Nowadays, however, it couldn't be farther from that vision.

Thus, in 2012, "four childhood friends" saw the need in the market for an internet security tool accessible to everyone. That's how NordVPN began.

First, they searched for approval amongst their friends. After creating the first VPN server, they shared the prototype, and the feedback was incredibly positive.

Second, in 2013 they reached their first milestone - hitting 1 thousand users on their Windows app. By 2014, they were already at 10k users.

Third, in 2015, the applications for iOS & macOS appears. Moreover, as some laws changed in Australia, their market has extended.

By 2019, there was no doubt that their product is excellent. The growth is exponential. NordVPN now has over 550 servers, an Android app, a browser extension for Chrome & Firefox, Android TV & Linux apps, and - drum rolls - over 8 million users!

Finally, after a close look in the market, the founders saw other opportunities in the market and decided to launch three new products: NordPass, NordLocker, NordVPN Teams.

At the present time, they are looking for next-gen solutions to improve the products. For example, in 2020, the speed was significantly boosted by NordLynx. Moreover, they are now serving over 14 million users worldwide!

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