3 Best collaboration tools for agencies and their clients

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Working in a creative agency entails more than simply funny tales, extreme creativity, stunning visuals, and graphic designs. Creative companies must fulfill one of the most important requirements – organization – to exist. If there isn’t any harmony, collaboration, or coordination among coworkers and departments, things may spiral out of hand. As a result, the majority of marketers rely on technology. Planners, online calendars, scheduling applications, productivity software, and CRM platforms are among the collaboration tools that help them streamline the workflow.

A newcomer might be scared by the dynamics of a creative agency. The creatives, on the other hand, thrive in a fast-paced environment. As a result, it’s critical to communicate effectively so that departments don’t get mixed up and operate together seamlessly. Creative agencies also have tens or hundreds of clients. It would be very tiring, unpractical, time-consuming, and unproductive, if not impossible, for the data about all your clients to be counted on paper. Thus, to increase work efficiency, team collaboration tools are at the disposal of creatives and are ready to give them a helping hand to carry out the coolest and most inspired projects!

Great online collaboration tools to stay on top of your clients’ communication

Good communication between the agency and the clients is essential to creating projects that will stick in people’s minds. Big or small, creative agencies work with dozens of clients daily. Thus, project management and teamwork software is a real helping hand to keep up with the communication and information flow. 

  1. Teamwork 

Teamwork makes it simpler to manage various projects and collaborate with different departments and clients simultaneously. This is a well-known platform for managing client projects in one central place. This project management application allows users to keep track of ongoing projects, establish deadlines, and fully view the agency’s overall activities. Furthermore, using the automation tools provided by Teamwork, you can take your business to the next level by freeing up your time.

Teamwork Project Planning

Furthermore, Teamwork is a project planning tool that allows creatives to understand their tasks more clearly and serves as a productivity tool for keeping workers organized. Teamwork is also a cloud-based project management tool with several handy features. They follow a simple formula: plan, cooperate, deliver, report, and integrate. At the same time, Teamwork provides a platform for creative agencies to express themselves freely.

They can do that according to their need for standing out and customization. As a result, the collaboration tools offer pre-designed templates and the option to design your own. With various templates for product launch, content plans, event planning, marketing campaigns, new client onboarding checklists, and more, Teamwork makes project planning simple.

Review by Tekpon - Gantt Chart overview

  1. Asana 

I believe very few people are familiar with the dynamics of teamwork online and have never heard of Asana, a popular project management software. It is a great app that incorporates many collaboration tools such as document management, task management, workflow management, and portfolio management. With over 100 integrations, Asana is a leading cloud-based collaboration tool that lets you manage projects in a breeze. There is no project too difficult that Asana can’t handle.

Asana Setting Business Goals

The Asana ecosystem offers a flexible way to communicate with team members and clients and supports collaboration across different departments. With the help of this app, users can create team and project calendars, assign tasks, set deadlines, collaborate, use Kanban boards, or track project status.

Asana has a user-friendly interface that makes working on tasks easy. For example, the Timeline feature lets you map projects, see deadlines, track changes, and modify the plans in real-time. In addition, Zapier, Gmail, Outlook, Youtube, Salesforce, and even Google Sheets are some of the apps Asana integrates within its ecosystem. 

Furthermore, to avoid missing any deadline, Asana offers a Team Calendar to have an overall perspective of the company’s tasks. Additionally, the reporting feature gives valuable insights into how your team performs and the project’s status. 

Asana Workload

  1. HoneyBook

If you want an all-in-one CRM solution for your creative business plans, HoneyBook might be just right for you. HoneyBook offers collaboration tools for small to mid businesses to manage processes such as inquiries and invoices. Thus, users can manage projects, book clients, send invoices, sign contracts, and manage payments using this team management software. 

HoneyBook provides automation features like automated appointment requests and follow-ups message and notifications templates for easy communication with customers. In addition, these collaboration tools make online payments safe due to the high level of security of the app.

Using this system, users can track payment plans, reservations, and leads. All of these automatically. This collaboration software includes many functionalities such as purchasing, project management billing and invoicing, and scheduling. In addition, Asana provides features like marketing management, employee management, time and expense tracking, and many others. 

HoneyBook Dashboard

If you want the best for your creative agency, you surely need to try these collaboration tools. Excellent organizational and planning efforts must back your creative efforts for successful projects.