NordVPN Spring Special! 68% off on the 2-year plan + extra service time as a gift

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Nowadays, when the internet is changing faster than we can see, it’s essential to feel safe and secure. Moreover, we all want to keep our personal data to ourselves while browsing.

But all the information and the vast online world come with actual threads. This is the reason why more on more people are searching for ways to protect themselves, their data, and even their businesses.

The easiest solution in this context is a VPN. However, VPN software can be expensive. That’s why we prepared a NordVPN deal, with 68% off on the 2-year subscription plan.

You can find out more about What is NordVPN from our honest review.

NordVPN Deal - 68% off the 2-Year Plan

What is NordVPN?

NordVPN is one of the best VPN services. It encrypts your data and redirects it through a secure remote server, which hides your IP address. In conclusion, you can browse online and be untraceable.

Moreover, we all know that some websites, like Netflix, have different content based on your location. Correspondingly, using NordVPN, you can make yourself appear to be in other places, meaning you can access various regional libraries wherever you are.

NordVPN Spring Special Deal

Spring is here! And alongside it, so are new beginnings and fresh starts. A sea of opportunities is lying in front of us!

This being said, NordVPN is launching its Spring/Easter Campaign.

What is it all about in this NordVPN Deal?

When buying the 2-year plan, you will get a discount of 68%. But wait, there’s more! The 2-year deal buyers will be eligible to get a gift. Isn’t that great?!

NordVPN team likes to keep their users happy and offer something extra besides a discount.

The gift consists of extra service time. As a matter of fact, while buying the 2-year plan at a discounted price, you will get a random gift of:

  • 1-month extra service time
  • 1-year extra service time

These gifts are on top of the 2-year plan bought. Of course, NordVPN will notify you about your gift with both email and the UCP banner after you purchase your subscription. However, the gifts are given randomly. But, like always in life, the bigger the prize, the rarer it is.

NordVPN makes browsing blazing fast & Super Safe

Get your NordVPN deal. Here is how it works:


Click the Get Deal button and get NordVPN’s 2-year plan. It comes down to just $3.71 per month!


Depending on your luck, you’ll get 1-month, or 1-year extra subscription time, which will be automatically added on top of the 2-year plan.


Log in to your account or check your email to find out which gift you’ve received. All there's left for you is to enjoy blazing fast & super safe browsing!

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