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Waydev Review

9.1/10 (Tekpon Score)
Product is rated as #1 in category Development Analytics
Looking for software to optimize your developer's annual reviews? Waydev is a Git analytics platform that will help you analyze codebase, PRs, and tickets to bring up the best in your engineers' work. It is data-driven and automatically analyzes and generates reports with zero input needed from developers or software engineers.
Ease of Use
Value for Money
Customer Support
  • Regular software updates
  • Fast & responsive support
  • Easy onboarding
  • Fast, useful metrics
  • A bit hard to interpret the graphs
  • UI needs a bit of improvement

Waydev Review, Features, Integrations, Pricing & Alternatives

Tracking progress and properly distributing developers gives you headaches? Waydev enables you to make informed decisions when managing engineering teams. It is most useful in this period when most of the developers are working from home.

From measuring productivity in your team, a quick and accurate overview of teamwork, to finding where to improve, Waydev will help you with insightful reports. It is a powerful development analytics tool.

Curious already? Let’s get into details and find out together what is Waydev, pricing plans, features, integrations, and, of course, some competitors and alternatives.

What is Waydev?

What is Waydev? Tekpon Review

Waydev helps you monitor, measure, and evaluate the efficiency, productivity, and performance of your team of software developers and engineers with ease. It is a data-driven git analytics software. It’s useful for executives and engineering managers, CTOs, and product managers to get handy insights about the activities carried out by software development teams.

By using Waydev, you will measure engineering productivity, which many used to consider a fantasy. If you wonder where Waydev’s popularity is coming from, know that there is an annual loss of $300 billion from engineering inefficiency.

To sum up, Waydev is an innovative Git Analytics tool. The software will empower its users to boost engineering productivity by providing engineering leaders with metrics and in-depth analyses. The software is the agile data-driven way to understand your engineers truly. It automatically analyzes your codebase and generates reports with no input needed from engineers.

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Waydev Benefits

  • Better Team Management: the software gives a complete picture of how the whole team is working. It helps engineering executives to make better decisions and strategies so their teams can produce products faster and reduce costs.
  • Visual Software Development Reporting: Firstly, it will automatically processing and analyzing data stored in GitHub, Azure DevOps, Gitlab, and Bitbucket. Secondly, Waydev will empower you with metrics and insights about how software developers and engineers are working. Finally, you will save valuable time and avoid errors and inaccuracies, as there is no need for input from developers.
  • Engineer Productivity Insights: track, measure, and analyze the productivity of one software engineer and an entire team by using this fantastic git analytics platform. For example, you can easily find out how many commits a software development team can do daily. Even more, see how much cognitive load a software developer carried when pushing code to the project.

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Waydev Features

Waydev is a feature-rich git analytics tool that will fundamentally change the way engineering leaders manage their teams. With daily stand-ups, one-to-ones, code reviews, and detailed reports, the platform sure has many useful features.

Daily stand-ups features

  • Work Log

With this feature, you can make decisions sustained by data, proactively set expectations, and improve your team. Furthermore, you can use the Work Log feature to identify blockages with ease, discover the interpersonal dynamics and patterns, deliver faster with clear expectations. Equally important, you can see both: team performance and one engineer’s Developer Summary profile.

  • Daily Update

Daily Update Feature - Waydev Review by Tekpon

This feature is handy for tracking the evolution of your team’s velocity. It is used mainly in daily stand-ups. The daily update feature can help your team overcome discussions about blockers in the code they’re working in quickly. Likewise, it can be helpful for managers or scrum masters when realigning expectations with the stakeholders.

  • Inactivity

Inactivity Feature - Waydev Review by Tekpon

The Inactivity report will help you start productive conversations and adjust your workload accordingly. When managing a team, it’s hard to keep track of what each team member is doing. Using this report, you can identify any developer who didn’t commit code for more consecutive days or an engineer who frequently works on the weekends. 

  • Time Card

Time Card Feature - Waydev Review by Tekpon

We all know that moment when we are killing it in terms of productivity. Everything is in its place, and the work keeps flowing. And then, poof, a phone call or a meeting that interrupts everything. The Time Card feature is precisely for this. To help managers schedule appointments according to data without breaking engineering flow. It shows the golden hour for each individual through a heat map.

  • Teams Stats

Team Stats Feature - Trendlines - Waydev Review by Tekpon

With Teams Stats, you can have a customizable performance report that will fit your needs. It unifies all team stats from Waydev. You can click on any metric to display trendlines, track their evolution, rearrange & sort the columns, choose the number of rows displayed, and more.

  • Sprints

Sprints Feature - Waydev Review by Tekpon

Sprints help you keep an eye on active sprints. Waydev collects information from multiple data points, so it provides a forecast of sprint risks. In the same report, you will also get an Issues list. Here you can view the identifiers, priorities, assignees, titles, types, status, duration, and story points. You can sort this report by status, identifier, story points, and time in progress. 

  • Team Compare

Team Compare Feature - Waydev Review by Tekpon

Track the progress of your developing teams with the Team Compare feature. With indicators like impact, active days, efficiency, commits/day, new work, help others, churn code, you will know how work dynamics shift over time. Besides, each metric available in this report has Trendlines available.

One-to-ones features

  • Developer Summary

Developer Summary Feature - Waydev Review by Tekpon

Here you will find a brief view of one’s core metrics. When managing an engineering team, it’s crucial to ask the right questions and to communicate effective. The Developer Summary feature of Waydev helps you have a better understanding of the team member’s status. As a result, you will get to shorter one-on-one meetings and spotlight the arias you can help.

  • Developer Compare

Developer Compare Feature - Waydev Review by Tekpon

Being a manager involves many things, including understanding the work dynamics and identifying coaching opportunities. The Developer Compare feature lets you see how engineers progressed over time and enables you to compare different developers. As in other reports, here as well, you can open the Trendlines corresponding to each metric.

  • Developers Stats

Developers Stats Feature - Waydev Review by Tekpon

As in the Teams Stats report, here you will find centralized engineers’ performance metrics. It is fully customizable, each metric has trendlines available, and you can rearrange everything from columns & rows. Also, you can export the report created in an Excel table or PDF document. Not to mention, you can print it directly from the Waydev app.

Code review features

  • Review Workflow

Review Workflow Feature - Waydev Review by Tekpon

Here is where you will find a map of pull request activity in a selected time frame. Use this feature as the starting point for an overview of all Pull Request activities. The long-running pull requests, merged unreviewed PRs, unincorporated and closed pull requests, you can find it in this report.

  • Review Collaboration

Review Collaboration Feature - Waydev Review by Tekpon

Find a complete view of metrics that will help you see how fast and effectively your team communicates. Analyze if the feedback provided by each other is detailed or significant.

With metrics like Responsiveness, Reaction Time, Involvement, Receptiveness, Influence, Unreviewed PRs, and Review Coverage, you will have a unified view of the PR process’s submitter and reviewer metrics.

Moreover, you will also get a Sharing Index report. Therefore, you can track the evolution of knowledge sharing in your organization.

The Review Collaboration feature also has included a map of code collaboration. By simply hovering over a submitter name, you will see whose pull requests he reviewed.

  • PR Resolution

PR Resolution Feature - Waydev Review by Tekpon

The PR Resolution feature can help you identify the blockages in your PR cycles throughout the sprint. While these metrics can be a high-level benchmarking, the PR resolution will help you find outliers. On the whole, you will see your code review’s ground truth. Besides, it can be a great visualization to incorporate into team retrospectives.

The PR resolution report can help you see the high-level team dynamics and the underlying activities contributing to those dynamics. Start incorporating metrics from the PR resolution into your retrospectives. As a result, coaching opportunities will be easier to identify.

  • Fundamentals

Fundamentals Feature - Waydev Review by Tekpon

The Submitter Fundamentals and Reviewer Fundamentals features will help you determine if your code review workflow objectives are on track. For both submitter and reviewer fundamentals, you can choose from a couple of reports. For example, which team’s performance to view, which repositories’ contribution to analyze, and what period to inspect.

Reports features

  • Project Timeline

Project Timeline feature - Waydev Review by Tekpon

The Project Timeline feature gives a view of how work trends evolved over time. You can easily see how teams are doing compared to other groups, to industry benchmarks, and your own trends. The four metrics available in this report are:

  • Commits per Active Day
  • Commits Volume
  • Total Impact
  • Code Volume

Use this feature to spot any irregularities and spikes, such as high spiked or Churn.

  • Reports History Feature

Reports History Feature - Waydev Review by Tekpon


This report is where you can find all your weekly and monthly reports. You can sort, view, or download them from a single location.

  • Retrospective

Retrospective Feature - Waydev Review by Tekpon

The Retrospective feature helps you see how your team’s performance evolved. This report shows the Productive Throughput, the Raw Throughput, and the Efficiency Rate. Equally important, you can see how they stack up against the previous sprint.

  • Repositories Stats

Repositories Stats Feature - Waydev Review by Tekpon

The Repositories Stats feature gives you a repository point of view by providing grouped engineering stats. The report is fully customizable. You can click on any metric to display trendlines that help you track its evolution.

  • Targets

Targets Feature - Waydev Review by Tekpon

Visualize and track progress to hit all your goals. With the Targets feature, you can set custom targets for developers, teams, and organizations. Also, you can check in on your goals and see how much progress has been made.

Enterprise Features

  • Role Management

Role Management feature - Waydev review by Tekpon

With the Role Management feature, you can create custom roles. There are two default roles: Owner and Member. An Owner has full access to all Waydev’s features, while a Member has access to the stats features.

  • Stats Management

Stats Management Feature - Waydev Review by Tekpon

This feature gives the possibility to provide granular access to team and repository reports, account, and reports settings. On the Stats Management page, you can view the main account details. Additionally, you can find its role, how many teams’ dashboards and reports are selected, and the number of repositories to analyze.

Moreover, you have a Bulk Settings button available to provide the same access level to multiple accounts.

  • Enterprise Integrations

GitHub, GitLab, Azure DevOps, Bitbucket, and Jira. Waydev integrates with all of these software’s enterprise versions.

  • Single Sign-on

Sign in using your company credentials easily. Waydev integrates with Google SAML, Okta, Microsoft Active Directory, Amazon SAML, and OneLogin.

  • Custom Settings

Custom Settings Feature - Waydev Review by Tekpon

Another great Waydev feature is Custom Settings. It allows you to assign global and team settings to customize reports to meet your needs.

Not only you can select which file extensions to ignore, but also you can set a custom regex to ignore commits with a message that matches the regex you specified. Furthermore, you can set a custom time frame for Churn, Legacy refactor & Helping Others. As can be seen, Waydev is fully customizable based on your requirements. All in all, there are more customizations available. All you have to do is try Waydev, explore all the settings available, and set it accordingly.

  • Two-factor Authentication

Two-Factor Authentication Feature - Waydev Review by Tekpon

Two-factor Authentication being available means that Waydev has even more integrations. Google Authenticator, Microsoft Authenticator, 1Password, Authy, LastPass Authenticator, and FreeOTP – these are all included. Altogether, you will get an extra layer of security for your account.

  • API Access

Waydev provides API access to its users, so the Git Analytics platform works according to your needs. You will have access to the dashboard, team, and repository data displayed and used by the web application.

Cycle Time Feature

Cycle Time Feature - Waydev Review by Tekpon

The latest feature Waydev added to its not-so-short list of features is the Cycle Time metric. It is an indicator of an organization’s development velocity. In essence, it indicates how fast does code goes from a developer’s workstation to production.

It is the sum of four metrics corresponding to stages in the software development process: coding, pickup, review, deploy.

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Waydev Pricing

Waydev comes with three pricing plans: Pro, Premium, and Enterprise, together with a 30-day free trial.

Starting from: $449 per active contributor per year
Pricing model: Subscription
Free Trial: Available (No Credit Card required)

All three plans have annual billing. The payment options available are Visa, MasterCard, and American Express.

What is excellent about Waydev pricing plans is that, if by any chance you are not satisfied with the software, the founders are offering a 90-day money-back guarantee.

For detailed information and what features each plan includes, visit our Pricing page.

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Waydev Integrations

When it comes to integrations, Waydev has numerous available. All of these integrations will automatically bring your data from multiple apps into Waydev and improve engineering productivity.

  1. Jira Integration

By integrating Jira, you can see if your team is over capacity or falling behind.

  1. Slack Integration

Connect your Slack account to Waydev and get alerts via Slack when your team hits their targets, drops below the set deadline, or triggers specific events.

  1. GitHub integration

When integrating GitHub, Waydev will automatically analyze the codebase from GitHub. As a result, you will be able to identify roadblocks, improve teams’ speed, and improve your engineers’ work.

  1. GitLab Integration

Do you need to get insights into your engineering teams? Then integrate GitLab with Waydev to automatically analyze your GitLab codebase. Thus, you will gain actionable metrics, improved visibility, and increased productivity.

  1. Bitbucket Integration

As when integrating GitHub & GitLab, the Bitbucket integration with Waydev will give you better visibility and increased velocity. Moreover, we must mention the boosted productivity. All of this, as a result of analyzing your codebase.

  1. Azure DevOps Integration

Want insights into your engineers’ code and pull requests? Integrate Azure DevOps into Waydev. As a result, you will be able to enhance your code review workflow and improve the acceleration.

Besides these six integrations mentioned above, Waydev also integrates with GitHub Enterprise, GitLab Enterprise, Azure DevOps Server, Jira Server, Gerrit, and Bitbucket Server.

Besides, SSO/SAML integrations are made available. Therefore, you can sign in using your company’s credentials with ease. Integrate Google SAML, Okta, Amazon SAML, OneLogin, Microsoft ADFS 3.0 SAML, and you are good to go.

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Waydev Alternatives

We know that all companies have particular business-related requirements. That’s why we compelled a list of best Waydev alternatives:

  • GitPrime
  • Git Analytics
  • Velocity by Code Climate
  • Gitential

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Review Conclusion

Waydev is a git analytics platform, data-driven and full of features. It is used by engineering leaders and executives, CTOs, and product managers to obtain in-depth insights into their software development teams’ works and activities.

If you are looking for one of the best Git Analytics tools in the market to boost your engineer productivity, then Waydev is the software for you. It provides a unique data-driven approach, a user-friendly platform, and loads of features.

The support team is very responsive, and coaching sessions are available for easy onboarding.

Specification: Waydev

customer-type Large enterprises, Medium business
device-supported Desktops
features Access Controls/Permissions, Analytics, Baseline Manager, Code Version Control, Collaboration Tools, Custom Dashboards, Dashboard, Diagnostic Tools, Filtered Views, KPIs, OLAP, Performance Control, Project Management, Relational Display, Reporting/Analytics, Visual Discovery, Data import/export
integrated-with Amazon SAML, Azure DevOps, Azure DevOps Server, Bitbucket, Bitbucket Server, Gerrit, GitHub, GitHub Enterprise, GitLab, GitLab Enterprise, Google SAML, Jira, Jira Server, Microsoft ADFS 3.0 SAML, Okta, OneLogin, Slack
price-range 301-500, 501-1000, Custom, Free
pricing-model Custom, Number of seats, Annual Subscription, Free
users Unlimited
works on Apple Mac OS, Cloud, SaaS, Web Browsers, Windows

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