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Waydev Alternatives

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Top Alternatives to Waydev
  • GitPrime

  • Git Analytics

  • Velocity by Code Climate

  • Gitential

If Waydev sparked your interest, it might also be a good idea to examine some of its Alternatives & Competitors. When deciding which software to choose, it’s smart to compile a list of various important factors like features, pricing, company size, and so on. We did this for you and compared Waydev with some of its alternatives.

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  • Large enterprises
  • Medium business
  • Cloud, SaaS, Web-Based

Following, you can find a detailed comparison of two of the Waydev Alternatives.

  • Waydev vs. GitPrime (now known as Pluralsight Flow)

Waydev vs GitPrime - Waydev Alternatives


When setting up the account, you will first need to connect at least one Git repository to your chosen Git Analytics tool. For setting up Waydev, you will have to sign in to your GitHub, GitLab, Bitbucket, or Azure DevOps account and grant access. You will then have to choose the repositories you want Waydev to analyze and click the “Load Project” button. Easy-peasy, right?

On the other hand, the integration of GitPrime is similar to Waydev’s. An advantage of using GitPrime is that there are more control systems with variable workflows.

When we talk about integrations, both tools have similar ones. They both support GitHub, GitLab, Bitbucket, Azure DevOps, Jira, and more.


The data sources of most of the git analytics tools out there are pretty similar. The only noticeable difference stands in the insights they focus on.

When comparing Waydev vs. GitPrime, we will notice that the first-mentioned focuses on work-related data and not only on processing code-level data. GitPrime has limited code review workflow insights.

Waydev stands out through the multitude of customizations available. It offers an API system in which users can create reports. It also has a Targets feature, Settings feature, tailored reports through the Developers Stats, Teams Stans, Repositories Stats features, and many more.

Pluralsight Flow (ex GitPrime) doesn’t come with a customizable platform. What you can do is to integrate API into the Enterprise plan. This means that you will need more resources to create customized reports based on the review of coding, PRs, and commit data. Resources that some companies may not have.


Although GitPrime is only a bit more expensive than Waydev, the real difference is in the features they offer. This is where Waydev shines, as they aim to provide its users with excellent quality at fair pricing. Also, custom offers are available, as they are flexible regarding clients who need a high number of licenses.

Waydev vs. GitPrime Conclusion

Waydev and GitPrime are some of the best Git Analytics tools in the market. Although Pluralsight Flow (ex GitPrime) is more widely known, Waydev might be better. We state this based on the comparison we did. Both tools integrate with all the major git providers. Still, Waydev offers three layers of data: code-level insights, code review metrics, and a data-driven approach to engineering project management.

  • Waydev vs. Velocity by Code Climate

Another great Engineering Intelligence tool is Velocity by Code Climate. The Git Analytics tools are beginning to be in high demand. More and more companies are starting to use them to get visibility in their software development workflows.

When comparing Waydev with Velocity by Code Climate, you will see that both are excellent engineering analytics platforms but differ in their approaches.

Both tools have similar integrations and set up processes. The integrations with GitHub, Bitbucket, GitLab, and Jira are available, but Waydev also has Azure DevOps integration.


Both tools provide a comprehensive dashboard where you will see trends over weeks, months, or quarters. They also both provide in-depth PR metrics and a bird-eye view of how your sprints are performing.

But Waydev has multiple performance benchmarking tools than Velocity. On Waydev’s platform, you have Dashboard, Compare feature, Project timeline feature, Sprints reports, and more.

When it comes to locating problems, both Waydev and Code Climate Velocity provide significant insights in spotting unhealthy work patterns and outliers.

Waydev offers the Work Log feature, which incorporates all the commit and PRs related activities in a single dashboard. Also, it has a Developer Summary feature that allows you to zoom in to a particular engineer’s detailed view.

Code Climate Velocity offers an Activity report where you will find the number and size of commits, merge commits, and PRs over time. Pull Requests report is available and is where the WIP/contributor is kept and shows how far each PR is from being merged.


While Waydev comes with three pricing plans and a free 30-day trial, Code Climate Velocity has four pricing plans available, including one free plan for teams up to 10.

Velocity’s StartUp plan has the same price as the Pro Plan from Waydev – $449/active contributor/year. It also has 50 Repositories available but a user limit of 50 members. With Waydev, you can have a custom offer based on the number of users.

As for the features and integrations available in each plan, there aren’t many differences.

Waydev might be more advantageous for companies than Velocity. They have more features and integrations, better pricing, and payment options. The big plus for Waydev comes from the 90-day money-back guarantee.


Waydev is best for larger companies and enterprises. It offers better customization options, providing the Stats Management and the Role Management features, with are very useful for larger organizations.

If you have a team of ten or fewer, then Velocity might be the one for you.