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Are you looking for a fast and easy way to build your own community? 

Disciple allows you to have your community with your creatives on their software. The software product comes with a fully functional web version, Android app, and Apple app; personalize your creatives and all the benefits of having your own social media platform. 

The application will help you gather people with the same interests in a community that can be highly personalized and ready to go in 3-5 days.

The deal is exclusive to us, so make sure you don’t forget the coupon code before leaving Tekpon.¬†

How can I get my Disciple discount?

How to get a demo

  1. Click the “Take Demo
  2. Schedule a demo in the available time frame 
  3. Have a Zoom call with one of the representatives 
  4. Decide on a package
  5. Use the coupon code “Owen Entrepreneurs” to get your discount

Buy Disciples

  1. Go on the website 
  2. Choose the right features and package for you 
  3. Go to purchasing and enter your data 
  4. Use the coupon code to enjoy the discount 
  5. Start the setup of your account

Nothing complicated here. We are certain that once you take a tour through Disciple, you will be surprised by how user-friendly and easy to navigate it is. Pretty much if you used any other social media platform, it would be a piece of cake to use this software. 

Disciple-Tekpon Deal

The Disciple community builder comes with an integrated in-app notification, segmentation, event schedule, live streaming option, and membership creating.

The software is mainly used by musicians, sports clubs, charities, universities, wellness, schools, members clubs, and associations. However, after taking, the tool for a drive can say with certainty that it could easily replace a forum.

Enjoy the tool and let us know your opinion about it in the review section.

Alina-Maria Stan

Alina is a vegetarian, yet she adores her hot dog, Sandy. But don't you worry, Alina's reviews will still be meaty. She is the team's peace before and after the brainstorm but pretty Viking when she has to sustain her ideas. Alina has lived in Denmark for eleven years, from there her state of being. Whenever she has some spare time, you would find her traveling, trying a new experience, exploring nature, naturally cuddling her dog and cat, or cooking something up whenever her husband is not near the kitchen.

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