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Haystack Alternatives

Maybe this tool is not perfect for you. But, no worries, there are other Haystack alternatives that you can try.

haystack competitors

Haystack vs. GitLab

Project Haystack integrates with GitLab, which touts itself as “the one DevOps platform.” In short, GitLab is a collaboration and software deployment platform. It handles the ten crucial steps for software creation and their substeps, such as API Security and Error Tracking. There is no mention of burnout or developer well-being on the GitLab website, indicating it only cares about data. GitLab comes in three tiers:

  • Free
  • Premium
  • Ultimate

And two versions: cloud-based and local. The local version can be administered without connecting to an outside database or server but also requires you to do the maintenance on it. Not all steps are available to all pricing tiers.

Haystack vs. LinearB

Another alternative to Haystack is LinearB.

LinearB is touted as a “systematic approach to engineering improvement.” It provides visibility into the engineering organization but doesn’t rely on metrics alone. Instead, the key feature is what LinearB calls “pipeline observability.” By showing how well the business goals are being fleshed out, LinearB reveals where managers can improve the workflow.

The dashboard reveals a metric called “people effort,” designed so CEOs can understand who contributes and how much. There is no need to log into LinearB; it sends alerts to Slack and/or e-mail addresses. The focus is on project delivery though there are mentions of burnout prevention and cognitive overload in the help docs, with instructions on setting up the associated alerts. LinearB is completely free for individual teams.

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Check out our Development Analytics category, compare products, and choose between tools like Haystack, LinearB, and others to find the match for your company.


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