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NordPass Free

Dive into a safer digital world with NordPass Free – your personal vault for everything digital!

Unlock the full potential of your digital life with NordPass, the ultimate password management solution that brings security, convenience, and peace of mind to your fingertips.

With NordPass, you can effortlessly manage passwords, passkeys, credit cards, and sensitive information in one secure location.

Say goodbye to the hassle of remembering complex passwords and the risk of data breaches. Take advantage of the free version or explore premium features with a 30-day trial, all designed to streamline your online experience while bolstering your security.


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With the rise of the digital age, keeping your online security in check has become more critical than ever. In this regard, NordPass offers a comprehensive solution to effectively manage your passwords, passkeys, credit cards, and other sensitive information, ensuring maximum protection and easy accessibility when you need it. Don’t take risks with your online security, give NordPass a try today and discover all the amazing features included in both the NordPass Free Trial and Free version.

Benefits of NordPass

NordPass streamlines your online experience by saving login details, autofilling passwords, and securely sharing sensitive information. Its support for passkeys introduces a passwordless authentication standard that enhances security and user convenience. Additionally, NordPass provides real-time notifications for data breaches, enabling users to respond swiftly to potential threats. With NordPass, users can securely store not just passwords but also secure notes, Social Security numbers, security codes, and more, making it a single solution for multiple use cases.

NordPass Free Trial and Version Details

NordPass offers a 30-day premium trial and a free version, allowing users to explore premium features without any financial commitment. The free version is available for a lifetime and requires no credit card to get started. It supports one user account and includes features such as autosave & autofill, storage for passwords and credit cards, device syncing, weak password detection, data breach scanning, file attachments, and email masking.

What’s Included?

  • Autosave & Autofill: Simplify your online activities by securely storing and autofilling your login details, credit card information, and more.
  • Device Syncing: Seamlessly access your accounts across different devices, ensuring you stay logged in even when switching gadgets.
  • Data Breach Scanning: Stay informed about the security of your online presence with scans for potential data breaches.
  • File Attachments: Attach files to your stored items for easy and secure access to all your important documents in one place.
  • Email Masking: Protect your email privacy by using masked emails, minimizing spam, and keeping your inbox cleaner.

NordPass provides Premium and Family plans for those who want more advanced features. These plans offer additional benefits such as exclusive discounts for the first subscription term. The Premium plans come with advanced security measures like XChaCha20 encryption, zero-knowledge architecture, and multi-factor authentication, ensuring the highest level of security for your digital life.

In summary, NordPass stands out as a secure and convenient solution for managing your digital footprint. Whether you opt for the free version or explore the premium features through the trial, NordPass offers a robust set of tools designed to enhance your online security and streamline your digital experiences.

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