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Best Document Management Software

What is Document Management Software?

In the digital era, document management software is an increasingly vital component of every firm. Instead of rows of file cabinets, document management systems generate an electronic archive that can be accessed and edited by any user with the appropriate permissions.

Document management software helps create, share, and store documents for businesses. In addition, experts use document management tools to communicate with each other via document sharing, editing, commenting, document search, image capture, and access management.

Document management software can facilitate the organization of digital documents and digitize existing paper records. Because there are so many software options on the market, marketers and business owners, have investigated hundreds of solutions to select the finest software for various business kinds.

Elements such as hosting possibilities, search capabilities, and scanning options have been evaluated while making decisions. If you need a document management system for your small business, this article will assist you in selecting the most suitable one.

Document management software has standard document management tools that allow users to perform simple operations and electronic signatures that enable them to place legally binding signatures on documents straight from the cloud storage. In addition, numerous templates are available that help to improve productivity by reducing or eliminating the task of building a template from scratch.

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airSlate SignNow

Tekpon Score
Premium Seller
Verified, optimized for fast response, and a trusted software solution
airSlate SignNow is a comprehensive electronic signature solution designed to streamline document workflows. As a product of airSlate, signNow offers a suite of tools that go beyond just eSignatures....
Learn more about airSlate SignNow


Tekpon Score
Premium Seller
Verified, optimized for fast response, and a trusted software solution
Collect is a user-friendly and secure portal solution designed to streamline the collection and management of client documents. It offers advanced customization options, including branding and white-...
Learn more about Collect


Tekpon Score
Officially verified by the Software Seller.
Avokaado is an all-in-one platform for managing the contract lifecycle that assists HR and legal teams in managing, creating, and collaborating on documents at every stage of the document lifecycle, ...
Learn more about Avokaado


Tekpon Score
Officially verified by the Software Seller.
PDFLiner is a powerful PDF creation tool that converts online documents and images into professional-looking PDF files. The program can be used for personal or business purposes. It comes with severa...
Learn more about PDFLiner


Tekpon Score
Officially verified by the Software Seller.
ArchBee is a full-grown software that helps you manage & organize all your projects and knowledge documents in one online workspace. Please don’t confuse it with a company management system wit...
Learn more about ArchBee


Tekpon Score
Officially verified by the Software Seller.
SProbot is a unique software designed for Microsoft 365 admins to enhance the experience of Teams and SharePoint workspaces. It falls under the category of Document Management Software. With SProbot,...
Learn more about SProbot


Tekpon Score
Officially verified by the Software Seller.
mSafe is a secure and easy-to-use file transfer solution designed to facilitate safe sharing of files. The platform stands as a reliable tool ensuring that your files reach the intended recipient thr...
Learn more about mSafe
PandaDoc is a cloud-based document management software that helps you create documents/proposals, send them to clients, collect eSignatures, track how many bids are getting responses, and much more. ...
Learn more about PandaDoc
Zoho WorkDrive is a content collaboration platform designed for teams, enabling them to store, share, manage, and work on files of any size. It offers a secure, shared workspace to foster creativity ...
Learn more about Zoho WorkDrive
Notion is an all-in-one workspace platform designed to streamline collaboration, organization, and productivity. It seamlessly combines wikis, projects, documents, and a touch of AI to create a unifi...
Learn more about Notion
Wondershare PDFelement is a comprehensive PDF toolkit that offers a user-friendly interface and customizable options. With this software, you can edit text and images directly within PDFs, convert PD...
Learn more about Wondershare PDFelement
Kdan Office is an extensive suite of office tools developed by Kdan Mobile. It focuses on document creation, data management, and presentation development. The suite is designed to work seamlessly wi...
Learn more about Kdan Office
Pathagoras is a versatile and user-friendly document assembly tool designed to streamline the creation of various types of documents, including standard forms, cover letters, complex contracts, and p...
Learn more about Pathagoras
Contra by App4Legal is an agile Contract Lifecycle Management (CLM) and Document Automation platform designed to streamline and manage legal documents efficiently. It stands out as a comprehensive so...
Learn more about Contra
Microsoft Excel, part of the Microsoft Office Suite, is a powerful spreadsheet application widely used for data analysis, visualization, and complex calculations. Known for its versatility, Excel is ...
Learn more about Microsoft Excel
PREP, part of Continual Engine, is a sophisticated document accessibility solution designed to simplify and accelerate the process of PDF and document remediation. It is a dynamic web-based platform ...
Learn more about PREP
Tresorit is a premium cloud storage solution designed to prioritize security and data privacy. Unlike traditional cloud storage providers, Tresorit employs end-to-end encryption, ensuring that only u...
Learn more about Tresorit
Evernote is a robust note-taking and organization app designed to streamline the way individuals and teams capture, organize, and find their information. Suitable for both personal and professional u...
Learn more about Evernote
DocJuris isn’t your average contract management software. It’s an all-in-one platform designed to empower legal and business teams to navigate the complexities of contracts with speed and...
Learn more about DocJuris
Pocket Scanner by Kdan Mobile is an app that turns your iPhone or iPad into a portable document scanner, offering various functionalities for efficient document management. Key features include conti...
Learn more about Kdan Pocket Scanner

Key features of a Document Management Software

There is a wide variety of functionality amongst different document management solutions. In addition, the tools and features of a document management system may vary based on its intended application and the people using it. However, some of the essential characteristics of cloud-based document management software are outlined below:

Storage: A document management system should double as a place to save digital files, ideally in various formats.

Sharing: All files saved in a cloud-based DMS should be accessible to other users, according to the permissions established for those files.

Easy to Find: Finding documents in a document management system is much simpler with the help of a dedicated search tool.

Permissions: Not everyone needs complete read/write access to all files. It is imperative to restrict access to any papers containing sensitive information to prevent data breaches.

Integrations: A good piece of document management solution won’t run on its own; it should be compatible with the other programs you use in your daily operations.

Privacy and security: Information leaks and data loss may be avoided if a document management system has robust security mechanisms in place in addition to user-defined roles and access restrictions.

Benefits of using a Document Management Software

Document management software is developed to deliver a fast, secure, and attainable platform for storing files, sharing, and collaborating. So here we are with the key benefits of document management tools.

  • Improves ease of access to the document

When document management software is hosted online, it becomes more convenient for users to access it whenever needed. Authorized users may create, read, and modify documents and share them with other users from anywhere, as long as they have the authorization to do so.

Some document management programs additionally allow offline and mobile access, significantly expanding the software’s usability and allowing users to complete more of their work from anywhere.

  • Facilitates Teamwork

Document management is one of the essential features of modern online teamwork platforms. Users may collaborate on a single file, see and compare different revisions, add comments to specific papers, and much more with this feature-rich software.

  • Economic data retrieval

The cloud-based document management system is more cost-effective than traditional document storage methods, especially when it comes to the expense of replacing a document that has been lost or destroyed. In addition, the ability to quickly recover deleted or corrupted files is a significant benefit of cloud-based document management systems.

  • Eco-friendly

With cloud-based document management, there is no need for physical files or storage, making it a more sustainable option. In addition, eliminating paper copies from operations helps the environment and saves businesses time and money.

  • Time-saving

A manual system can be time-consuming. It takes hours to maintain your documents and keep them maintained. Digital management software automates different aspects of document management that give you freedom from the responsibilities of document maintenance.

  • Safety of Documents Improved

Businesses must protect the information, trade secrets, and other sensitive data. You can access sensitive files inside a document management system according to user permissions and criteria. For example, you can view the history of actions taken on a document. Your data is kept in the cloud, far from potential damage from a natural disaster.

  • Types of Document Management Solutions 

Document Management solution tools have replaced manual work with a bundle of papers keeping up with essential file records. These solutions are beneficial in simplifying the document creation, revision, and storage of business files.

Many online document management solutions reduce costs, improve productivity, and provide a reliable foundation for organizing necessary materials and recorded knowledge. So here we are with document management solutions that help you in various ways.

  • Web-based 

Web-based has the benefit of not requiring any client software installation. People may access the program with any web browser.

  • Client-server-based 

Client-server-based software has the potential to be quicker and more reliable than other forms of software. In addition, the user interface may be modified, and complex integration can be developed quickly and with little effort.

  • Database packages 

These are often built on top of an existing database system, such as SQL or Oracle. As a result, it provides intricate connections between data and visuals. Unfortunately, the other side is that they frequently demand more processing power.

  • Cloud-based packages   

Software provided in a cloud-based package is stored on the provider’s servers, so all you need is access to the internet. You won’t need to install anything, and you can forget about upgrades. In addition, you can take advantage of the service immediately after subscribing by paying the monthly or annual fee.

Who can use Document Management Software?

You might think that multinational companies can only use document management software. It might be valid to some extent. However, there are large businesses and startups. Many businesses use document management systems to perform small things, from document creation and filing to invoice making, checking emails, sending them out, and many more.

Companies now utilize document management solutions to become paperless and alter the documentation process. To that end, these solutions protect papers from prying eyes, facilitate teamwork through file sharing, and make it possible to view documents from any location.

Many process managers use document management solutions to digitize printed documents. These tools are integrated with document readers and search features.

This software assigns metadata to documents in a library or arranges them to make them capable of searching. In addition, these tools help users to draft, edit and distribute content through workflow tools and role-based permissions.

What can businesses do with Document Management Software?

The document is “indexed” or categorized, using tags, keywords, and other types of information to simplify searching. A document management system can be captured by scanning the manual document or obtaining a digital version via email or other sources. At last, the paperwork is filed away neatly so that the right people can find it when needed.

Once a file has been uploaded and encrypted into a cloud-based document management system, it may be checked from any location with an internet connection. Some document management software vendors also make available mobile apps, providing customers with even more options for how and when to access their papers.

How much does a Document Management Software cost?

The price tag and monthly commitment required to use a given document management solution might range substantially. First, and probably most significantly, is whether you choose a cloud-based or on-premises version of your document management system.

Using cloud-based software, you may offload the responsibility of maintaining and securing the underlying infrastructure to a separate provider. As a result, you can save money and effort compared to handling it in-house, but you’ll have to trust the firm to ensure your data is secure.

In addition, subscription pricing is the norm for cloud-based applications. Depending on the sophisticated solution you select, the cost of a solution can range from $15 per person to $200 per month per user.

A specialized IT team and your servers are necessary for maintaining on-premises document management software. While this implies your company must take special precautions to protect your information, it also gives you complete authority over your data.

In addition, buying a license for each user is customary when dealing with an on-premises solution. Although the price of a license may be costly, it is paid only once. After the first year, however, on-premises systems often charge an extra price for technical support and software upgrades, typically around 20% of the initial license cost.

We advise a cloud-based solution for small firms seeking simple-to-use software with a low total cost of ownership. But, first, you should verify that your service provider uses industry-standard security measures to keep your information safe.

Document management software has a wide range of actual prices. Costs for simple software that lacks functionality (such as task management tools and workflow automation functionalities) can be inexpensive. Another thing that comes into consideration is that the more people you have using a cloud-based system, the more money you will have to pay each month.

What should you check when buying a Document Management System?

When purchasing any document management tool, you should check some credibility before making any choice.

  • Integration capabilities

Capabilities for integrating with other business-critical software are essential for getting the most out of a document management system, whether that’s accounting software, CRM, human resources software, or anything else.

The connections in a document management system allow you to use the system’s document storage and sharing features and search for documents across the company.

An accounting solution that integrates with a document management system can assist users in the index and saving financial and accounting records, making them easier to retrieve in an internal or external audit.

  • Information safety

Data security hazards to small organizations come from outside hacking and data breaches and the inside, such as employee theft. In addition, sensitive company information is often stored in a central repository, making the document management system a prime target for hackers. Therefore, ensure the document management solution you choose has cutting-edge encryption techniques to prevent data loss.

  • Requests for scanning and imaging documents

Document scanning and imaging allow users to scan paper documents and index them using a computer. This aids users by making it easier to find and organize documents. Thanks to digital storage and precise indexing, users can easily find the information they need.

In addition, optical character recognition (OCR) is a feature in certain products that allows users to digitize handwritten materials. Potential purchasers with many paper records should prioritize items with this feature.

Other software related to Document Management Software

There are a lot of document management products available in the market. You can get the benefits of them according to your business requirements. We have enlisted some tools to get the benefits.

  • Confluence
  • dMacQ DMS
  • Complicity Compliance Software 
  • Zoho WorkDrive 
  • Greenbox 
  • SignDesk
  • ViciECM
  • EisenVault
  • PandaDoc
  • Your e-Locker 


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