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Best Meeting Management Software

What is Meeting Management Software?

Meeting management software facilitates team meetings’ planning and management, ensuring they are productive and focused. These solutions are used by users to efficiently coordinate meetings, and they frequently integrate with calendar software to ensure visibility.

Agenda creators, minutes recorders, and consensus trackers are just a few of the tools in meeting management software that helps make meetings more productive. Some options also offer limited task management based on meeting action items.

While people can use most meeting management software for any meeting, some tools are tailored to scrums, retrospectives, one-on-ones, and workshops. In addition, meeting management features are included in some board management software, but these tools are designed explicitly for meetings attended by C-suite executives, board members, and committees.

Consider this inclusion in the Meeting Management category. In addition, a product must meet the following criteria:

  • Make agendas for meetings.
  • By recording meeting minutes via audio or text, you can facilitate in-person decision-making or discussion by providing consensus tools.
  • Outline action items and assign tasks following meeting outcomes.
  • Assist with meeting planning and coordination.

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Claap is an all-in-one video workspace that aims to enhance collaboration and productivity by reducing the need for meetings. It offers features such as meeting recording with AI-generated notes, a v...
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Airgram is an AI meeting assistant designed for teams to record, transcribe, summarize, and share meeting conversations. It offers features like a high-quality video and audio recording, live transcr...
Learn more about Airgram
Range is a team communication software that aims to streamline and improve remote and hybrid team collaboration. It offers a range of features to enhance teamwork, such as async check-ins, goal track...
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Sembly is an advanced AI team assistant designed to revolutionize the way professionals handle their meetings. This innovative platform offers automated transcription, meeting note-taking, and insigh...
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Fellow is a meeting management software that helps teams have productive meetings and meaningful 1:1s. It offers collaborative meeting agendas, real-time note-taking, and time-saving templates to run...
Learn more about Fellow
Krisp is a revolutionary noise-cancellation software designed to enhance the clarity of audio communication in various environments. Leveraging the power of artificial intelligence, Krisp can identif...
Learn more about Krisp is an all-in-one meeting management platform designed to enhance the entire lifecycle of meetings. It enables users to capture, manage, and share knowledge before, during, and after meetings,...
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Bluedot is an AI-powered Chrome extension designed to enhance the efficiency of Google Meet sessions. With a simple press of a button, users can record, transcribe, and generate AI-adapted summaries ...
Learn more about Bluedot
Parabol is an online meeting tool designed to facilitate and structure agile meetings. It offers various features for retrospectives, sprint poker estimation, standups, and team check-ins. With it, t...
Learn more about Parabol
Boardable is a meeting management software or an online board meeting software that helps your board members collaborate easily during a board meeting. It is one of the best meeting management tools ...
Learn more about Boardable
iBabs is a cloud-based meeting management platform designed to streamline the organization and execution of board meetings. It offers a comprehensive solution for efficient and effective meetings. Us...
Learn more about iBabs
MeetGeek is an AI meeting assistant that automatically video records, transcribes, summarizes, and provides the key points from every meeting. Meetings are a competitive edge for every organization t...
Learn more about MeetGeek
Amazon Chime is a communication service that facilitates remote collaboration, offering solutions for online meetings, video conferencing, and team chats. Developed by Amazon Web Services (AWS), it f...
Learn more about Amazon Chime
Diligent Boards is a leading board management software enabling secure collaboration and streamlined workflows for board directors and leadership teams. With an intuitive and book-like interface, it ...
Learn more about Diligent Boards
Wudpecker is an AI-powered meeting assistant designed to optimize the post-meeting experience. The platform harnesses the capabilities of OpenAI GPT-4 to generate insightful summaries, action items, ...
Learn more about Wudpecker
Sherpany is a meeting management platform designed to elevate the productivity of leadership meetings. It offers a centralized solution to streamline decision-making, enhance collaboration, and ensur...
Learn more about Sherpany
Remo is a cutting-edge virtual events platform designed to foster genuine human interactions online. It’s not just another meeting tool; it’s an experience. With Remo, attendees can freel...
Learn more about Remo
BoardPAC is a globally commended, award-winning board meeting solution designed to streamline, digitize, and secure board meetings for directors and members. With a presence in over 40 countries, inc...
Learn more about BoardPAC
Adobe Connect is a versatile web conferencing and meeting management solution that facilitates virtual interactions, webinars, and training sessions. Beyond just standard video conferencing, Adobe Co...
Learn more about Adobe Connect
GoTo Meeting is a product under the GoTo umbrella, a suite of unified communications and IT support tools designed to foster collaboration and remote work. GoTo Meeting, in particular, is a web confe...
Learn more about GoTo Meeting

Why is meeting management software important?

Many people are unsure whether Enterprise Meeting Management Software is required. However, one of the most effective methods for managing meetings is to use meeting management software. In today’s world, people require meeting management software for various reasons.

Meetings are more important than ever, especially with many working from home. However, it can be difficult for everyone to stay on the same page when they don’t work down the hall. Meeting management software is used to ensure that every member is on the same page, meeting management software is used.

In short, anyone who regularly holds meetings. For example, project managers should hold regular meetings to ensure that deadlines and deliverables look good. Furthermore, meeting management software can benefit sales leaders because they may need to update their sales teams on changes, deals, or the products they offer.

Meeting management software will undoubtedly benefit anyone working in the consulting industry. Given how much time consultants spend communicating information between clients and team members, meeting management software can help them manage customer expectations while remaining efficient.

Meeting management software can help everyone increase productivity by making meetings run more smoothly. As a result of these factors, everyone must attend regular meetings to discuss how they can use this type of software to assist them daily.

Who can use Meeting Management Software?

Meeting Management Software is helpful for any business with multiple conference rooms or shared office equipment. Examples include corporate offices, professional services, law firms, legal, and financial services.

While administrators create rules and policies within the software, these tools are intended to be available to all employees in a company.

Although tool tracking software can track barcoded equipment, it does not always offer the same booking functionality as Meeting Management systems. Meeting Management systems outperform tool tracking solutions for booking stationary equipment like desks and physical whiteboards.

Main Benefits of Using Meeting Management Software

Here are the top six benefits of Meeting Management Software:

Paperless meetings

A digital pack, in contrast to the volumes of paper required for a meeting, a digital pack can be viewed by anyone with access to it and on any device, allowing attendees to prepare for and act on meetings while on the go if your organization has a CYOD/BYOD policy.

Increased security

With cyber security being so important, a company may be concerned about confidential or sensitive information being misplaced; however, by using meeting software, you can make everything available online via cloud computing and add security measures to reduce the risk of information falling into the wrong hands.

Some service providers even offer auto-purge features, which allow you to wipe data from a device if it is stolen or lost or if multiple unauthorized attempts to access information.

Improved collaboration

Efficiently performed meetings are inclusive and encourage participants to participate. For example, presentations, video demonstrations, working through process issues on a whiteboard, or asking participants to “sticky note” ideas and thoughts can help keep online meetings interesting and get results faster where they can add value.

Synchronization of information and real-time updates

Changes may be made instantaneously, ensuring participants always have access to the most up-to-date information and well-managed version control by keeping everyone in the loop digitally. No more wasting hours on tasks only to discover that half of them have been replaced since the file was last opened.

Made it easier to take notes

If you’ve ever run the agenda or acted as scribe for a meeting, you’ve probably had the experience of writing down a shorthand note to refer to later, only to have no idea what it meant. As a result, it’s easy to overlook important details or forget why you took notes in the first place because the context has vanished by the time you get around to writing them down.

Automated meeting notes can help ensure that nothing slips through the cracks and that every meeting has detailed minutes that can be shared and archived.

Increased participation in remote meetings

It doesn’t matter if participants are on opposite ends of the city, country, or world; with the proper meeting software, everyone can participate as if they’re in the same room, saving time and money and allowing progress to keep pace despite busy schedules.

Consider outsourced IT support from Pebble if your company could benefit from the numerous time and cost-saving opportunities that meeting software provides. In addition, it can assist you in quickly getting up and running and managing meetings like a pro.

Key Features of Meeting Management Software

Knowing which features of meeting management software are most beneficial for your specific business goals is essential because there are many options. The following components are universally required when looking for a way to organize, plan, and execute board meetings, regardless of the type of business.

Private Communication Rooms

A private communication room is required to ensure that sensitive information can be discussed with another team member or client in a secure environment. End-to-end encryption should keep your conversation secure, and you can also protect it with a password.

Audio and video capture

The meeting must be recorded using the software you are using. Users can review the information presented in the discussion by watching the video and listening to audio recordings. Those who could not attend can also catch up on significant developments and task assignments.

Screen Sharing and Recording

Screen sharing and playback features are excellent additions to any meeting software program because they keep the audience engaged. In addition, many businesses use visual demonstrations and being able to playback the video is a valuable resource.

Easy-to-use User Interface

When a meeting software program is easy to use, it is a huge plus. When integrating your existing data into new programs and applications, clear instructions and a clean layout work wonders. Choose a simple user interface to learn and master if you want to save time.

Integration of Project Management Tools

Integration is one of the essential aspects of a good meeting management program. In addition, you should be able to quickly connect to other productivity apps that aid in video calls, chat messages, calendars, agenda templates, voice calls, and other tasks.

How much does Meeting Management Software cost?

Pricing ranges from around $20 to more than $200 per month. For enterprise-scale solutions, a price quote is required. Unfortunately, only a few free versions are available.

What should you look for when purchasing Meeting Management Software?


The success of any software depends on user adoption. Choose meeting room booking software with a simple, easy-to-use interface that allows users to quickly and easily view, search, and schedule available meeting rooms and attendees to encourage user adoption. Users will appreciate a system that makes it easier to book rooms and resources.

Availability at any time and from any location

Make it difficult for employees to schedule meetings simply because they are absent from the office. Look for meeting management software that can be accessed from both the web and mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets. You can learn more about our Workspace booking app by clicking here.

A long-standing clientele and support team

The meeting room booking software market is teeming with startups, many of which will fail. To avoid problems, buy meeting booking software from a well-established company with a proven track record, a solid client base, and excellent technical support.

Integrated reporting capabilities

Your meeting management software should generate advanced and standardized reports in various formats and support third-party tools, allowing you to better track meeting room and resource usage and thus reduce costs.

Real-time synchronization

Meeting booking software with a central database that is constantly updated keeps all users up to date. In addition, this eliminates double bookings and other scheduling problems.

There is scalability.

If your organization has desks, meeting rooms, and resources in multiple locations, choosing meeting room booking software that scales to multiple locations and handles bookings across different time zones is critical.

The option to order extra services while booking a room.

Users should be able to order catering and other services without leaving the meeting room management system.

Connect to your organization’s ERP system.

When meeting room booking software is integrated with your company’s ERP system, you can complete the order-to-invoice process for internal and external service providers.

Module for visitor management

Make an excellent first impression on visitors who come to your office by quickly registering them with a visitor management system. Then, when visitors arrive, a visitor management system notifies hosts, allows receptionists to print visitor name badges, and frees them to focus on other tasks.

Personalization tools

Regarding booking desks and meeting rooms, one size does not fit all. Look for meeting management software with built-in customization tools to tailor the system to your business processes.

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