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In today’s landscape, online interactions prevail. Started from communicating mainly on social media to now carrying out professional projects, school tasks, and entertainment activities using software products. Nowadays, considering our context, face-to-face meetings are supported by video conferencing tools. These tools are trying hard to keep us connected and in constant touch. Businesses group meetings are now shaped by the capabilities of conferencing platforms and the attempts to make digital interactions unbiased.

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What is video conferencing

Video conferencing is the newest, most popular way of interaction that businesses have recently turned to. It is an online tool that cancels space and time barriers. Video conferencing software connects people from every corner of the world without being in the same location. Therefore, it works well when you have many business partners you should communicate with. Moreover, these apps are great when working with colleagues in a remote team, interviewing job candidates, or if you are a student who attends online classes.

The main functionalities of a video conferencing platform like video and audio meetings provide you with permanent contact with everyone in your network. You can attend or conduct video conferences from any location and use any device connected to a camera or incorporated with one. Create one-on-one meetings or gather in the call your whole team. There are many types of video conferencing platforms and even more uses. 

Advantages of video conferencing apps

When thinking about remote conference tools, the main advantage we have in mind is the freedom to participate regardless of your location. Of course, it is up to you to choose to broadcast or join a call as long as you have a stable internet connection. And we got to the point related to the latter, where we present another advantage: flexibility. Log in from any device you want and start your meeting sessions. It is that simple.

In addition, it saves you time, expenses and much energy. For example, suppose you meet with your company partners who live far away from your locations. Business trips are expensive and time-consuming. Instead of dealing with all the hassle, a business journey implies, using a video conferencing app might be a better alternative. 

Whether you are a large or small business, a teacher, or a recruiter, such apps are great solutions to improve team collaboration. Work together and keep the communication flow going. Using team conferencing tools, you can build stronger relationships because you are not only hearing meeting participants, but you can also see them. Moreover, many apps have a built-in chat so that you can use your voice, mimics, and words too. 

Common features of conferencing software 

For the communication to be more authentic and keep participants engaged in the conversation, some of the best video conferencing software includes key features. Let’s overview a few of them:

  • Screen sharing
  • Chat Features
  • VoIP
  • Screen Recording
  • Meetings Scheduling 
  • Audio-only conferencing
  • End-to-end encryption

Video conferencing platforms have gained much popularity lately and are used in almost every sphere of activity. This is why they have various features that may differ from one software to another. In any case, our video conferencing reviews will help you make the right choice depending on your needs. 

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