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About Us

Hello, We are Tekpon


Tekpon is a software aggregator born out from the genuine desire to help people change the way they consume and purchase software products and services. Tekpon has behind a team of enthusiastic tech lovers, but most of all, their main goal is to help users boost their lives and businesses with the right software.

Honestly, we had enough fake software in our lives, and we want it to do it the other way: delivering people honest software. We want to help people adapt to this modern world with suitable instruments.

On Tekpon, you will find a complete guide to help you purchase the right software and the pricing plan you need to avoid waste. But we can’t change the world with one dream.

We need other people as well. We need you to share your experience with other users and help them make the right choice. We need you to trust us that life can be easier with the right software product by your side.


Using Tekpon, you are going to find all the answers to your questions regarding your software needs. We provide objective and user-oriented software. Also, we provide users the ideal context where they can share their thoughts regarding a product.

Feedback is important. So, does software. We want you to enjoy as much as possible your favorite tool; that’s why we are going to offer an annual $99 subscription to have access to exclusive deals.


Sometimes entrepreneurs can reach a dead end with their business. We are here to give you a hand, just like a good friend when you need it the most. We will help you choose the best software for your business model and reduce and optimize costs on your software stack.

On Tekpon, you can request to talk with an expert, premium support, or Live Chat. Moreover, we offer a premium package per year of $1200 for businesses to help them grow.

Tekpon Mission


Our mission is to help people make the right software choice. Tekpon’s primary goal is to deliver honest software and accurate information about each software product. Additionally, we want to create the ideal environment for the developers to meet their users and better understand their needs. Finally, we want to be your solution to all your software needs.


A software product for every business all over the world.

Tekpon is one of the software aggregators that deliver honest software to its users. It provides accurate software about software products, well-informed articles based on the latest news in tech, and the best software deals. All of this to help people purchase the right software. We promise to deliver the quality of our services following our vision.

Tekpon Vision
help you make the right decision when choosing software


Our values are who we are and can be reflected in the idea of building Tekpon.

  • Transparency

  • Objectivity

  • Honesty

  • Freedom of choice