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Great news here for a business manager longing for tools to measure employees’ productivity at work. Or maybe for employees who want to know how much time it takes to do a certain activity. A time tracking software is here to help with many things, from simply documenting the working hours to labouriously giving insights about your activity.

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We believe that the best employee time tracking app is not only a tool that can record and supervise working hours but a device capable of giving hints on how to evaluate your overall activity.

What does a time tracking software do?

As you may have guessed, with time tracking software, well, you might … track time! But, of course, there is more to it. Whether you are a small or larger business, you want to know what happens inside your company. A time tracking software quantifies how long it takes for workers to finish assignments.

Moreover, a tracking tool gives you a complete overview of the daily working activities of your employees. For example, you will check the time interval in which the workers perform a task.

Or perhaps you are a freelancer and need an app perfect for billing and invoicing based on your working hours.

There are as many tracking hours solutions as many types of businesses. Some apps only focus on time. Others are more advanced and are integrated into the framework of project management tools. The latter can give you a broader and more exhaustive picture of your daily activities.

Benefits of using Time Tracking tool

These kinds of apps will transform the way you look at your time. They will show you what you do and how much time you spend doing it. For example, it will show you the time spent on individual projects, the total work done in a week or a month, and how long an employee was inactive.

Another benefit is that you will get much better at estimating your time because you can see how much everything takes and how slow and inefficient you can sometimes be. But this is, of course, a starting point for improving efficiency and getting better results.

This is why we associate this tool with a productivity tracker. When you are aware that your time doing something unproductive is being tracked, it is a strong possibility you will mobilize yourself. Also, this will give you a measure of the wasted time. Thus, you will control your time better.

At the same time, some of these tools are online free apps that are ready to be used.

Main features of Time Tracking tools

Some of the best apps have characteristics that help you evaluate work better. We will present you a list of time tracking software best features:

  • Time tracking
  • Online timesheet
  • Project management
  • Mobile app
  • Integrations
  • Payroll management
  • Online invoicing
  • Reporting and Analytics

As you understand, a time tracker can generate analytic reports and payrolls and make the entire work activity in a business more comprehensive in terms of time efficiency.

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