Best banner maker software for freelancers and marketers

Being a freelancer is a beautiful path for people who want to be their boss and work only on their love projects or work from a beautiful beach. Yet, nobody ...

The Pandemic & The Peek of The Digital Revolution

If you are reading this, you, like us, have also noticed the increase in the number of software and new technologies emerging during this pandemic. Why? We can ...

Why having a great software product isn’t enough?

As many of you probably wonder why it isn't my product kicking off, we decided to share some advice with you and hopefully inspire you.  The first maybe ...

SimilarWeb finishes victorious on its 1st day on the NYSE

SimilarWeb current valuation SimilarWeb completes its first day at the New York Stock Exchange at a valuation of $1.6 billion at the Israeli digital ...

UiPath – the story of the Romanian unicorn that became real

Even though it looks like a pattern, it turned out that great ideas can fit in an apartment, and you don't need a big team to build something great. The most ...

Avoid frustrating ads on the Internet

Ad Blockers and Browsing Security in 2021​ Digital World comes with good and bad things at the same time. Of course, it’s very nice to pay all the bills ...

5 steps to get more clients in the digital era

Some of you cry, some of you laugh. Why? Everything goes digital—shops, banks, jobs, school, entertainment, businesses. If you aren't online, you are ...

Ever wondered what software you should use for your business? Meet Alexandru Stan who will share his expertise

Go from failure to failure with your head up. It only takes one yes to succed! Today we have a surprise prepared for you. A webinar between Simon Squibb, ...

Become an SEO Expert and Make Your Business Profitable

Most of us know that SEO is the best way to attract new visitors to our websites, but why do we do that? To get more clients, right !? These days SEO, ...

7 E-Commerce Marketing Strategies To Implement This Year

These are the most powerful marketing strategies in 2021 that can help you boost your E-commerce business. What is E-commerce advertising? E-Commerce ...

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