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What is Sales Acceleration Software?

Sales acceleration software helps organizations to implement sales acceleration strategies and optimizes sales pipeline. In the current competitive era, it is crucial to stay ahead by optimizing work processes as efficiently as possible. Sales acceleration software aims to increase sales conversions, close more deals and shorten the sale cycle.

Sales acceleration software optimizes sales processes and administrative tasks to help the sales team reach goals. The key goal is to speed up sales velocity with automation and proper sales acceleration strategies and to streamline the sales process.

To make the sales acceleration tool work, teams need to create a sales acceleration strategy that can lead to better resource usage, revenue boost, better sales tracking, improved productivity, business growth with automation, better prospects conversion, and free time for sales professionals to do more creative work. It also enables teams to create ideal-customer profiling and contextualized buyer profiles focusing on real-time buying signals. All of these work in an integrated ecosystem with collaboration with marketing.

Sales acceleration software overlaps what sales enablement software offers. The sales enablement software focuses more on sales behavior and improving salesperson knowledge with best practices, quality materials, and opportunities.

Sales acceleration and enablement software have different goals but offer overlapping features. In reality, retailers use both of them. In fact, under sales acceleration, you’ll find other technologies and applications, including company research tools, sales lead databases, predictive analytics, and email tracking technology.

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Tekpon Score
Outplay is a cloud-based sales enablement software designed to help organizations engage with the target audience and gain insights into business metrics to improve revenue and drive growth. The plat...
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Pipedrive is a simple yet robust customer relationship management software widely used by various small and medium-sized organizations across the globe. It helps businesses to focus on priority leads...
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Salesloft helps sales teams drive more revenue with the only complete sales engagement platform available in the market. Salesloft is the one place for sellers and managers to go to execute all thei...
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Outreach is the leading sales execution platform that helps market-facing teams efficiently create and predictably close more pipeline. From prospecting to deal management to forecasting, our platfor...
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HubSpot Sales Hub

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According to HubSpot, salespeople spend the most time talking with clients via emails (21%), updating data into CRM software (17%), performing research (17%), client call setup (12%), and meeting att...
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Humantic AI

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Humantic AI is an AI-powered sales intelligence software that helps salespeople and recruiters understand each other’s personalities and decision-making processes. Furthermore, it can also pers...
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lemlist is an outreach platform that helps you start conversations and get prospects’ replies. Sales teams of all sizes, startups, lead gen agencies, and ambitious entrepreneurs use lemlist to ...
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SalesScreen is the leading sales gamification solution for building motivated sales teams which achieve their goals. By tapping into the individual psychological drivers that motivate sales reps, Sal...
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Freshsales aims to make the client-to-customer chain seamless and user-friendly for sales teams. Formerly known as Freshworks CRM, the new Freshsales is more than just a rebranding and adds plenty of...
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Cooee is a deep-tech platform that integrates in minutes with your mobile app/web to deliver unique, data-driven, and immersive notifications. Their unique approach allows marketers to be creative wi...
Learn more about Cooee

Main Benefits of using a Sales Acceleration Software

Sales acceleration software brings market automation to improve sales, shorten cycles, and close deals more successfully. To better understand, let’s go through the main benefits of using this type of tool below:

Improved Sales Tracking

With sales acceleration tools, you can track end-to-end sales processes. By having a greater insight, you can see each salesperson’s performance and prospects needing improvement. In addition, sales reps can learn about opportunities, crucial deal points, crises, and ways to increase sales conversion rates. Sales tracking also benefits from sales acceleration’s automation, which saves sales rep time by eliminating manual work.

Increased Sales Response Rates

Sales reps continuously need to work through all possible deals and decide on the deal with the highest chance. Even then, they have a high chance of not being able to close the deal. This takes time and can drain sales reps when making decisions actively. Sales acceleration can help salespersons to make decisions with access to key insights.

In-depth Customer Insights

Also provides customer insight. Here, you can know about customers’ behavior, including their query frequencies, feedback, grievances, etc. You can use the data to understand customers better and improve your chance of closing deals.

Improved Sales Productivity

Sales acceleration software takes a major burden off the sales team by handling mundane tasks and making decisions that accelerate productivity. The biggest benefit is to discard unqualified leads that will only waste time and effort. Employees are more satisfied by approaching selectively with a better chance of results. They’re also equipped with the right information to meet clients’ demands.

Automation is at the core of the best sales acceleration software. It removes mundane and repetitive work such as data entry, email tracking & automation, lead distribution, etc., giving reps all the free time to focus on important things, including converting promising leads.

Sales and Marketing Alignment

Sales acceleration software also aligns sales and marketing, allowing team members to work with data and materials, leading to better engagement and higher sales.

Technically, it integrates with the marketing automation system and CRM, giving the sales rep the necessary lead information.

Improved CRM Insights

CRM offers access to tons of useful information. However, it takes work to separate the information from the database. Sales acceleration tools with access to CRM databases can give you actionable insights. The tool helps you identify buyer types, information, and other vital, actionable points.

Understanding Team Performance

With the Sales acceleration platform, the sales manager can track sales rep performance throughout the day. The knowledge about their work performance helps them to find bottlenecks and allocate work according to the employee’s strengths. For example, a manager can understand why even after trying hard, the sales rep cannot close the deal.

AI-powered team performance tools can let you underline the issues and help solve them.

Key Features of Sales Acceleration Software

There are many types of sales acceleration software. These types determine what features they carry. To understand, let’s look at key features of Sales Acceleration Software by type.

Lead Databases

Lead databases sales acceleration tool excels at providing valuable information about your leads. For example, you can know about the lead’s company name and related information. You’ll also get access to contact info that is most likely to work. Lead databases support a variety of sources, including formal database-style tools to free lead databases such as Linkedln.

In short, lead databases’ key features include the following:

  • Easily go through lead information valuable for contacting and conversion
  • Support for a free database
  • Supports formal database-style tools
  • Lead Scoring Software

Lead-scoring software can help you automate the lead-scoring process by capturing multiple high-quality data streams. It lets you analyze your leads to know if they are worth pursuing. As a result of lead scoring, you can identify high-sales opportunities in which you can sell your services or use other types of sales, including upsell and cross-sell.

Key features of lead scoring software include:

  • Ability to dissect your leads with a score
  • Capture multiple high-quality data streams
  • Interactive dashboard

Sales-Focused CRMs

Customer relationship management mostly focuses on managing customer relationships and interactions. Its goal is to improve business relationships with managing customers to streamline processes and increase profitability. There are also sales-focused CRMs that can do basic CRM functions with an extensive focus on sales. Here, you get access to sales-driving and sales-focus features, including:

  • Collaborative deal-creating and tracking abilities
  • Use CRM data to do sales forecasting and tracking
  • Do automated follow-ups 
  • Work with marketing attribution models to understand referral traffic channels and sales pipelines

Some of the few sales-focused CRMs include HubSpot, Zoho CRM, and Salesforce.

Meeting Booking Tools

To capture a lead, you need to meet with them. You also need to present them with a demo or offer a trial so that they can see if your solution fixes their pain points. To facilitate an easy experience for leads to book appointments and demos, you need Meeting Booking tools. The appointment booking software accelerates sales and replaces the need to fill up a contact form.

The key features of appointment booking software include:

  • Easily embeddable on-site.
  • Setup time for meetings
  • Auto-generate online demos

Examples of meeting booking tools include Demostack and Calendly.

Email Tools

Sales-focused email tools open up the opportunity for businesses to improve outreach and sales. They offer more sales-focused features while capturing user data to improve sales. These email tools are not only capable of managing interactions with autoresponders and follow-up but also offer excellent intelligence analytics and reporting.

The key feature of sales email tools that offer sales acceleration includes the following:

  • Intelligent analytics and reporting
  • Auto-responders
  • Ability to capture user data to improve sales

Email tool example that offers sales-focused features: ActiveCampaign and Outreach.

Customer Data Platforms

If you’re serious about sales acceleration, you need excellent customer data that offers value. Customer data platforms, such as Insider and Segement, allow businesses to capture data from multiple sources and stream it to a single data stream for teams to use. The captured data lets you learn about customers’ behavior and how they react to your reach.

Customer data platforms’ key features include:

  • Capture data from multiple sources
  • Create one single source of truth
  • Learn about customer behavior that lets you improve sales.

Sales Proposal Management Software

Sales proposal management enables you to send proposals to your leads instantly. It helps you to capture the lead’s attention so that you can close the deal. This also stops the leads from looking for alternatives which can lower your chance of closing the sale. In short, sales proposal management streamlines the proposal process by automating its different aspects.

Some of the key features include:

  • Instantly send proposals
  • Automate different steps of proposal creation and sending
  • Use templates to create contracts
  • Analytics to learn how leads interact with it

Who can use a Sales Acceleration Platform?

The sales acceleration platform is mostly aimed at the sales team. However, they’re aimed at different users across the organization. It enables team members to engage in the sales process. With the focus changing on improving sales, anyone from the CEO/CFO to managers, sales reps, and others can use a Sales acceleration platform.

For example, if you’re setting up an email tool with sales-focused features, you might need a marketing expert on your team.

How much does it cost a Sales Acceleration Software?

The price of sales acceleration software varies depending on the software type, the number of licenses needed, and the package plan your organization takes. For smaller businesses, one or multiple tools can cost anywhere between $10 per month per user and $25 per month per user.

If you’re a medium or large-scale business, it can cost much more, depending on your requirement. Also, most vendors don’t have pricing; you need to connect with them to get custom pricing.

Sales acceleration software has different types. However, you need more than just deploying every sales-focused tool for your business. And that’s why a tool like this lets you connect most business processes and software, including CRM, email tools, reporting tools, customer support, and more.

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