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Semrush, one of the most complex and beloved search engine optimization tools on the market, launched in June as a backlink discovery tool that will give you a run for your money. Let’s see what the Semrush deal brings to the table for you.

What for to use the Semrush Backlink Suite?

Semrush backlink suite was developed in over 30.000 hours of work in collaboration with expert engineering and data scientists and used over 500 servers to build a better architecture to create this update launched back in June 2021. Moreover, we believe that this might become our favorite update from Semrush and invite you to test out this new product with us.

Now, to get back to what this new tool is useful for:

  • 5 tools for dynamic backlink management
  • 43.8 trillion links
  • 1.6 billion referring domains
  • 25 billion new backlinks crawled per day
  • Analyze any competitor’s backlinks
  • Outline and manage all your outreach campaigns directly from Semrush
  • Database updates in 1 hour

What does this Semrush deal offer you?

The Semrush deal gives you free access to a prize-winning addition to Semrush for a limited period.

Why take advantage of this Semrush deal?

Using this new feature will allow you to do a cleanup and pick into your competition’s backlink profile and find where you can get the advantage of these free features and get ahead of them by improving your backlink profile and authority in front of google.

Now, if you always dreamed of that 1st spot in google, but you could never afford the expensive tools it takes to study all the information you need to step up your game.