3 Meeting tools for digital nomads to communicate with their clients

Cristiana Trifu - Tekpon Author

Who wouldn’t want to live as a digital nomad for a few months? Who wouldn’t want to escape the monotony of daily life, breathe a sigh of relief, and enjoy a little freedom? The freedom to go about, to select the time zone in which to work, the freedom to see and experience new things. Aside from the flexibility that a nomadic lifestyle provides, you should maintain contact with your home life and real-world responsibilities and tasks.

In the end, your daily tasks will wake you up from the nomadic paradise. Because, after all, they are the essential elements that allow you to be on that quiet beach. And a digital nomad is someone who is always connected to the internet. And meeting tools are windows to the world at home, to the clients they must connect to complete the duties that a nomad’s life does not cancel.

Establish better communication with your clients with virtual meeting tools

Regardless of where you are on this planet, online meeting tools can help you stay in touch with your remote team and clients. These meeting tools make communication easier across the world. Although they can’t completely replace face-to-face interaction, they are still great alternatives. Moreover, meeting tools have positioned themselves as the sole solution since the pandemic outbreak in 2020. As a result, regardless of the circumstances, their job to allow long-distance communication is met. This is especially true considering that digital nomads are technologically savvy. So, let’s look at which technologies allow you to keep in touch with your clients while enjoying the stunning surroundings.

  1. Boardable

Boardable is an online meeting tool that facilitates interactions worldwide. And that’s precisely what you need when you’re separated from your coworkers by several continents. In addition, Boardable meeting management software helps remote work keep up with everything inside the business. Thus, it is one of those meeting tools used for managing and organizing virtual board meetings that provide many useful features for the digital nomads.

Boardable is remote teams-friendly because it works as collaboration software. Hence, you can say goodbye to those tiring emails, phone calls, and neverending text messages to organize a board meeting. Within the Boardable’s dashboard, you can see scheduled and upcoming meetings with remote teams and clients, assing and giving tasks, or adding meetings. Moreover, Boardable’s meeting tools allow you to create a board meeting agenda, polls, and e-sing documents.

Boardable Schedule Meetings

  1. Krisp 

Meeting tools are fantastic since they allow you to be anywhere on the planet while keeping up with your job. And development occurs when these online meeting tools give fundamental features such as audio and video messaging and the perks of clear talks. This is Krisp, a noise-canceling team meeting software. Wondering what kind of background noise a digital nomad would wish to remove? Perhaps it’s the sound of the ocean shattering your words, the birds singing about your freedom, or the sound of sipping from your Pina Colada.

And these can be serious issues, especially if your coworkers are participating in the virtual meeting from the same couch in the living room.

Thus, Krisp is an AI-based virtual conferencing app popular for noise cancellation, voice cancellation, and echo cancellation capabilities. Its HD audio makes your team meetings clear, away from any noise distraction. It also integrates seamlessly with the Zoom meeting tools suite and removes the background noise from your Zoom virtual meetings. Moreover, if you wondered what to do with that palm tree in the background, Krisp offers a few virtual background options to cast off any visual disturbance. This is great, isn’t it?

Krisp Noise Canceling

  1. Zoom 

Zoom app is the pandemic warrior, one of the most popular meeting tools. This online meeting software is the top choice for industries such as education, finance, government, and healthcare. So, if you are a digital nomad who works in these industries, Zoom meeting tools might be suitable for your needs. Zoom app offers meeting tools such as video call functionality, video messaging, screen recording, and screen sharing.

Moreover, it provides a whiteboard that allows you to collaborate with your remote team outside the virtual meetings. In addition, the in-app chat streamlines the communication between the meeting attendees. Finally, is it necessary to mention that the Zoom app supports HD audio and video calls? This allows your colleagues to see exactly what a digital nomad’s life entails?

Zoom Meeting

What do you think about these meeting tools? Are they enough to keep up with your digital nomad life? Stay in touch with your remote clients with online conferencing software! Learn more about these virtual meeting tools before you pack your suitcase for your digital nomad trip!