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7 E-Commerce Marketing Strategies To Implement This Year

Tekpon Author - Alexandru Stan

These are the most powerful marketing strategies in 2021 that can help you boost your E-commerce business.

What is E-commerce advertising?

E-Commerce advertising is the practice of promoting a website to sell online. For example, you see that kind of ads on Facebook, Google, or YouTube with your favorite shoes, that’s E-commerce advertising.

Further, I will present to you the best 7 strategies for your online business.


From my point of view, this is the cheapest and the best advertising you can have But, it’s a long term practice, you need to work a lot or pay a lot to optimize your website for search engines, but this is by far the first and the best one. You can find more about Seo and Seo software on Tekpon, in big lines, you need to understand that if you optimize your website, you will have more and more “free” organic traffic from Google and other search engines.

Still, you need to have quality content, a fast website, and excellent products.

2. Viral Social Media

Everybody avoids talking about it. Why? Because it’s something that could be easily reproduced. How? Allow me to explain. Let’s start by looking into what it’s about. Why again? Well, because this website it’s here to help you succeed, we don’t give you just the tools, but we teach you how to use them to succeed.

Viral Social Media presumes you need to create the type of content or post that people love and share. You probably see some posts on Facebook with thousands of shares and likes. Yep, you need to create that type of post, and you will increase the visibility of your company or brand. However, there are lots of software you can find for this type of advertising.

3. YouTube Videos

You don’t need to pay for ads on YouTube. You can create videos about your company and/or your product. If you were born a talented actor, and you create interesting videos, people will like them. Your channel will grow. But don’t forget that in the first 3-4 months, you won’t have too many views on the videos you post. Don’t worry! It’s a matter of time and hard work to generate views and sales from YouTube. It’s cheap, and you can generate hundreds of sales per day in the long term.

4. Email Marketing

This is a must! You won’t succeed if you don’t have this advertising strategy on your list. Probably you can start, you can make some money, but in the long run, you need to have an excellent e-mail marketing strategy to promote your company. It essentially reminds people you are still there and helps you retain customers you gained through hard work. So, please do it! The positive aspect is you find a lot of tools and software for email. The bad thing is, you need at least a few hundred clients to start sending emails and seeing results. Also, keep in mind that until you grow a decent mailing list it will probably cost you nothing as most email software comes with a freemium.

5. LinkedIn profile

Promote your business just by having a LinkedIn profile with a few thousand friends. Keep in mind that every time you update your profile, everyone will see your new project. And there are quite a few tools like LinkedIn Helper or Salesloop that can automate your process to add new targeted people to your list and so on.

6. Facebook Groups

It’s free and easy to create a Facebook group. We have Entrepreneurs and Startups for Tekpon. But nothing stops you to create one of your own. For example, shoe lovers for your shoes online shop. You can find a lot of customers, and it’s also fun to manage a Facebook group because you can help others with ideas, and the community will help you too.

Above all, you can create a strong network.

7. PPC

If you have a budget for advertising, you can use paid ads on Google, Facebook, Youtube, and other platforms. Also, LinkedIn has this type of advertising. This is expensive but can get clients from day one. There are a lot of automation tools for PPC, but you can start without software.

I wish you good luck with your business and ….stay safe! I hope these 7 E-Commerce Marketing Strategies can help you with your business in a way or another.

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