Create amazing documentation with Archbee 3.0

Author Maria
Updated Dec 15th, ’22
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There is no better story to tell than one where an idea becomes a real product that helps many people and businesses. And when that product is fulfilling people’s expectations, you’re on the right road. About Archbee, a full-grown software that helps you manage & organize all your projects and knowledge documents in one online workspace, we have written our honest opinion on the tool and what you can do with it. And it’s one of the products that we recommend businesses to use, now with remote work being a real fact in our lives.

As we are a team of tech enthusiasts and enjoy a good product, we are pleased to inform you that Archbee V3 is now live and running for its users.

Talking to customers, we realized there are still no great tools for building public product & developer docs for folks who don’t want the DIY approach. Basically, no way of onboarding and activating your tech audiences without spending a ton of energy on docs’ tech.

Dragos Bulugean, the maker of Archbee

It is important to get to know your customers, their expectations, and what they need: to evolve and develop a real solution for them and constantly improve as their needs change.


Towards Archbee V2, the V3 comes with a lot of improvements and new features:

  • a new user interface with dark mode for you and your users
  • create in-app documentation with our embeddable widget
  • reusable variables and reusable content snippets
  • sync content with GitHub using markdown
  • user authentication with passwords, guest accounts, magic links or JWT
  • up to date documentation with doc verifications
  • native OpenAPI import & integration
  • documentation versioning & snapshots
  • knowledge graphs let you see how your knowledge is interconnected
  • PDF rendering

That’s a lot of great things added to their product! And if you want to learn more about how to use it or how it can bring real help to your business, you should read our full Archbee review. The software industry is huge and is growing every day, but we think the most important thing for a company to succeed is to keep improving its product until it meets people’s needs.