Free marketing services of $1,5 million to newly launched software companies

Author Maria
Updated July 2nd, 2021
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Hello, tech lovers! Tekpon here!

We know that we are new on the market and probably you are asking who the “tek” we are? Don’t you worry, you’re going to know us better through our reviews, mostly? We are a handful of people whose main interest is in technology and everything that helps people evolve and develop new skills and knowledge by using software products.

The world is changing; that’s a fact. But, moreover, we live in a digital area where work from home became real, and we communicate things mostly online. And in times like this, we firmly believe that software products are designed to help us do our work better and faster than before.

Let’s face it; software is a solution to a need – an answer to a question. And we are here with a genuine desire to change the way we purchase and consume software. We are here to help you deliver that solution to your customer’s needs and answer the customer’s questions.

Now, let us tell you what we are doing precisely for people.

We know how hard the begging can be, and for all of you in this position, we tell you that you are not alone on this road. So, therefore, Tekpon is offering marketing services for small companies or start-ups that can’t afford to invest at the beginning so much money in advertising their product.

With a total budget of $1,5 million for 300 companies or start-ups, Tekpon offers marketing services to help them earn visibility and grow awareness. In other words, the budget for each company is $5,000, but Tekpon entirely supports the cost.

As a strategy, we use our network connection built-in years to help small companies grow their idea and bring them close to the users. Moreover, we will list your product on our website and write a premium review about it. Finally, using our social media channels will help you grow your business and help you get to your customers much faster.

Are you a start-up in technology or a small software company? Do you need help to make your product visible to a big audience? Don’t hesitate! We are here to help you grow your idea or product. So drop a message on and let us help!

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