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Why having a great software product isn’t enough?

As many of you probably wonder why it isn’t my product kicking off, we decided to share some advice with you and hopefully inspire you. The first maybe biggest mistake software developers make these days is assuming that customers will adopt their product simply because it is better than the competitors. However, this is rarely the case. Why? Well, because they don’t know it. So, stop believing that your product will kick off without any marketing effort.

Awareness, product-market fit, and investment

Newsflash, marketing, and bringing awareness about your tool are about as important as creating the tool. You might be an engineer or a product visionary; you might even think that you will get investment, and you don’t need sales at this stage. While this might be true in some cases, it isn’t in most. As long as you have an MVP ready, push it on the market. The funny thing about investors is that they are more likely to invest when you don’t need the money than when they can smell the desperation on you.

Thus, first, if you create a brilliant tool, but nobody knows about its existence, there are no people to adopt it and validate your claims. Second, the best product on the market is not the most popular but rather with the greatest marketing effort and the best adoption strategy.

Strategies to bring awareness for your software

Now, let see a few strategies that help you. First, erase from your mind the misconceptions that this must be expensive. Plenty of solutions won’t cost you a dime until you make a sale. For example, you can get listed on Tekpon by writing us.

Affiliate Marketing

Get your website on as many affiliate websites as possible. Create a special deal for the new users and give the affiliate % of the sale to incentivize them to push your product and attract the attention of possible new customers and convince them to try your software. Don’t worry. You will make up for what you are giving now. Please don’t be greedy at this point; you need the affiliates more than they need you.

Facebook Groups

Like affiliate marketing, you can promote your SaaS by reaching out to a Facebook group admin. Again, choose a group focused on software such as yours or software in general. Ask them to promote your product; some will do it for free, and others might be willing to work with you for an affiliate fee similar to the one mentioned above.

Become a contributor 

Share your knowledge with others by becoming a free contributor to online publications such as Hackernoon, Thriveglobal, etc. You can publish relevant and interesting articles to include discreetly what problem your software solves and the name, including a link to your website.


Yes, yes conferences, good old fashion conferences. They will allow you to present your business, create awareness, and even find possible investments. Many of these places offer special prices for Start-up and even the possibility to get a free small stand and the chance to pitch your business to investors. You might think you will never get an investment pitching your business against others; however, some do, and you will build awareness.

Paid advertising on search engines and social media

Yes, this is expensive, but it will help build your brand. However, if you do this, start slow and build up your budget over the first 90 days period in which Google and all social media clients are learning. While you might be surprised by these -,, these platforms prefer long-term consumers in favor of spending lots of money in a few days or weeks.

Be active on Quora and Reddit

Ask for feedback on your product and suggestions on how to develop it. These social networks are supportive and helpful other than getting real and great feedback on your product, and you will also get plenty of website visits.

We hope this gave you a few ideas on how to get your software out there. Also, our last piece of advice is don’t be scared to get people in that can help you grow. Find passionate and great people at the things you aren’t and don’t bring you any pleasure. Finally, don’t be afraid to throw some percentages in there.

It is better to have a small slice of a large pie than a large slice of a very small pie.