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MicroAcquire raises $5 million

Tekpon Author - Ana-Maria Stanciuc

MicroAcquire raises $5 million for its startup sale marketplace

The internet is a borderless place where you can find anything and everything. This is surely a great thing. Here you can find the answers to all your questions. But, at the same time, searching for specific items might be a hassle because you must connect pieces of information from here and there to get to the big picture.

And it becomes more complicated when you are a small business or a startup searching for someone to buy your project and grow your idea further.

People from MicroAquire felt businesses’ itch for a sale marketplace in this field, and after lots of work, they raised $5 million for their project. The company is now valued at over $110 million after the last round of capital raises.

Andrew Gazdecki, the platform’s founder, said that the main goal of MicroAcquire is to help the process of companies buying startups and early-stage businesses. “Our mission is to bring the startup acquisition market together with trust, transparency, and ease of use,” declared Gazdecki.

What is MicroAcquire?

Thus, MicroAcquire is a marketplace that mediates selling and buying between startups and small companies. In addition, the platform lets serial entrepreneurs get in touch with startup owners.

So, Gazdecki’s business recipe consists of startup owners with an ARR of less than $500000 wanting to sell them, plus entrepreneurs looking to acquire small businesses and develop them from scratch. And no intermediary.

To better understand the activity at MicroAcquire, we shall give some context. The company was founded in January 2020 and is based in San Francisco, CA. The idea of starting MicroAcquire came after the founder, Andrew Gazdecki, had found himself looking for a SaaS company to buy after selling his own.

As he says, he did not want to start creating a new company but wanted to grow an existing project idea. However, his search failed. Thus was born the idea of creating a startup acquisition marketplace.

MicroAcquire emerged as a solution to the problems lived by the founder himself. The goal is to have in their company portfolio over 1000 startups purchased without charging any commissions or fees.

Instead, only the buyers’ access to deals and startup listings is charged. Not long ago, Gazdecki claimed that his platform holds the “largest database of startup buyers in the world.”

So, supposing you are a business owner looking to sell it or an entrepreneur that intends to buy and grow a startup, the MicroAcquire marketplace might help any of you find the right buyer or startup you are interested in. After all, Gazdecki put it very clearly: “Our goal is to help startups find buyers. Simple as that.”