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Tekpon Awards 2024

Alexandru Stan
Tekpon Awards – 18th of June, 2024 – Bucharest, Romania

The Tekpon Awards 2024, the most awaited event for SaaS executives, is just around the corner! It will be an evening filled with glamour, recognition, and the mouth-watering aroma of Bucharest’s best pizza. Imagine yourself surrounded by 500 like-minded professionals gathered in the heart of the software industry celebration. Early bird tickets are now available, so grab yours before it’s too late! Don’t miss this opportunity to be a part of a memorable event that celebrates the achievements of the software industry.

A Night of Prestige and Networking Excellence

Renowned SaaS executive attests,

It was a pleasure joining the inaugural SaaStock Local in Bucarest in Nov 2023! It was obvious how much love & thought Alexandru, Cristian, and the Tekpon Crew put into the event! Quality, engaged attendees, a fabulous location, and the best dessert I ever had at a tech event made it a special night I’ll remember for a long! Count me in for the next event powered by Tekpon!

Michael Kamleitner - Founder and CEO

The Tekpon Awards is a prestigious event offering attendees various carefully curated experiences. From the finest gala awards ceremony that recognizes excellence in various industries to delectable pizza that satisfies the most discerning taste buds, every detail has been thoughtfully planned out. Moreover, the event provides ample networking opportunities, enabling participants to connect with like-minded individuals, establish valuable business connections, and close deals. The Tekpon Awards creates an exclusive environment where attendees can foster relationships, exchange ideas, and create unforgettable memories.

Tekpon Award Attendees

Early-Bird Tickets: Secure Your Spot Now!

  • General Admission: $100
  • VIP Early Bird: $1000

Act fast! The event is scheduled for June 2024, but with limited tickets available, they’re selling like hotcakes. In the first three days alone, we’ve already sold 100 tickets. Don’t miss this chance to be part of an extraordinary night celebrating the software industry’s best.

SaaStock Local Bucharest 2023

SaaStock Local Bucharest, 2023

Tekpon Awards – 18th of June, 2024 – Bucharest, Romania

Unveiling the Tekpon Experience

Are you curious about the unique qualities distinguishing Tekpon Awards from traditional SaaS conferences? Allow me to paint a picture for you: imagine a grand, glamorous Gala Oscar event, but one that is carefully tailored for the software industry.

Tekpon Awards is a one-of-a-kind gathering that brings together the best and brightest minds in the industry under one roof. With a range of opportunities to network with peers, you’ll have the chance to learn from experts and engage in thought-provoking discussions on the latest trends and innovations in the software world.

While we understand that many conferences may seem similar, we believe that Tekpon Awards offers a truly unique experience that is not to be missed. We invite you to join us and see why Tekpon Awards is the future of software conferences.

Super impressive and clearly the most needed event in Bucharest for the SaaS community. I was kindly invited and was surprised to see that all seats were full and participants were so highly engaged with great interaction with the carefully selected and effective speakers. What surprised me most was that the activity ended at 8 PM and the event was supposed to end at 10 PM, leaving 2 hours for the after-speech networking, but… participants stayed until midnight to continue the networking, getting to know their community, share experiences, and mingle with the speakers. Great hosts and the organizer Tekpon continued to facilitate the night in the extended hours with more food and drinks. I am sure that with this unexpected participation and engagement in 2023, the SaaS community in Bucharest is now more in wait for the next event, which is bound to be a blockbuster.

Cenk Tukel

Only awards, no content?

SaaStock is a conference that we hold in high regard, so we have decided to focus on recognizing excellence through awards rather than producing content. We believe that by spotlighting the best and brightest in the industry, we can inspire others to reach new heights and continue to drive innovation in the SaaS world.

Why only pizza?

We know we are not Italy, but Bucharest is also renowned for its mouth-watering pizza, guaranteed to leave you craving more. We aim to spread happiness by sharing this delectable treat with you, as we believe that a shared pizza creates unforgettable memories that stay with you for a lifetime.

Why Networking?

Not only because we put the King in NetworKing but also because networking can accelerate deals by 98% when meeting an Ideal Customer Profile in person. Our passion is connecting high-quality individuals. Our team is dedicated to bringing together exceptional individuals passionate about growth and success. We strive to create meaningful connections through our networking events that can lead to lifelong partnerships. So why not take advantage of this incredible opportunity to expand your network and take your business to new heights?

Elevate Your Experience with VIP Tickets

For those seeking the epitome of luxury, our VIP tickets include:

  • Airport transfer
  • Private roundtable on the boat
  • VIP Badge for an exclusive experience
  • Roundtable in a vault bar, former bank
  • Helicopter ride (Yes, you read that right!)

Note: VIP tickets are limited to only 14 lucky individuals who will still get to share the joy of our delicious pizza with the rest of the attendees.

Be a Sponsor and Shine

Join us in promoting excellence and gain valuable exposure for your brand! As a sponsor of our event, you can showcase your support through various sponsorship options, including badges, pizza, awards, drinks, a boat roundtable, a VIP shuttle, a helicopter, and a safe box roundtable. Don’t miss out on this chance to align your brand with our exceptional event – become a sponsor today!

Connect with us on LinkedIn to discuss sponsorship options!

“On November 1st, I attended the SaaStock Local Bucharest event, powered by Tekpon. We kicked off with Alexander Theuma and Michael Kamleitner sharing their experiences and addressing our questions. The insights they provided were incredibly valuable. The entire Tekpon team was on hand, ensuring that each of the 100 attendees made the most out of the networking session. We were organized into groups of six and encouraged to engage in discussions. The business aspect was impeccably managed. But there was something more – a genuine and authentic desire to help people. Alexandru Stan offered free hugs, Cristian Dina ensured everyone had pizza, Alina Maria Stan took care of the drinks, and the entire Tekpon team worked tirelessly to ensure all 100 participants had everything they needed. Every attendee received gifts and a complimentary copy of the bestseller “King of NetworKing”. There was not a single piece of negative feedback about the event, except for Nick Tomic, who didn’t like Alexandru’s suit. I truly appreciate your effort in building the SaaStock Local Bucharest community.
The best is yet to come!”

Daniel Deaconu

Don’t Miss Out – Act Now!

Tekpon Awards - Charity

Are you ready to experience the most extraordinary event of the year? Join us at the Tekpon Awards 2024 and celebrate the best of the software industry in June! Don’t wait any longer to secure your spot- grab your early-bird ticket before they all go! Purchase your ticket and be a part of this unforgettable experience!

Tekpon Awards – 18th of June, 2024 – Bucharest, Romania


Alexandru Stan


Alexandru Stan

CEO & Co-Founder @ Tekpon


Alexandru Stan is an entrepreneur and business leader with over a decade of experience in starting and scaling companies across various industries. Currently, he holds the position of Chief Executive Officer at Tekpon, a company focused on connecting businesses with software solutions.