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Oribi Alternatives

If you are looking for a tool to analyze your website traffic (online shop, personal blog, and many others), you’ve probably already heard about Google Analytics. This is the most common software people use, yet it is not easy to understand, and you need a specialist to work with it. Yet, some alternatives in the market will blow your mind. Oribi is one of the competitors.

Don’t get me wrong, it is an amazing and very useful tool, but you need time to understand what it is doing and how to use it. Oribi is one of the best alternatives for Google Analytics, yet it might not be your tool. So, what are Oribi’s alternatives?

  • Google Analytics
  • Heap
  • Mixpanel
  • Amplitude Analytics
  • Semrush
  • Smartlook
  • Adobe Analytics
  • Looker

Google Analytics

Moreover, getting good insights from Google Analytics can have a small learning curve. But after that, a new world of reports will reveal charts and valuable data that you can use. Still, more people go with Google Analytics because it’s free, but they are not using it at its maximum capacity.

If you haven’t read it yet, last October, Google developed a new version of Google Analytics called simple GA-4. Which, personally, is mind-blowing. But if you are not in this area, it’s hard to understand how to work with it quickly. Moreover, the new GA-4 has many key features that make it very different from the old version.

One of the biggest differences is the new data modeling feature that uses AI to fill in gaps in data where traditional Analytics may be blocked by cookie-consent rules, blocked JavaScript, and a focus on privacy.

Describing what this powerful tool can do will probably take me a lifetime. All the more so as changes occur from year to year. Yet, if you need a tool for analytics that doesn’t require being a geek and still offers accurate data, I’ve got a solution for you: Oribi.

Oribi vs. Google Analytics

First of all, GA-4 has insights that give you the ability to plan & execute. While Oribi highlights what you should focus on and helps you translate your data into action.

You have to know about Oribi because the tool automatically tracks everything and is ideal for people who don’t know much about analytics or how to extract data. Everything on your site is tracked automatically, unlimited, and without you having to do anything. As a result, your time is better invested in understanding your visitors’ behavior and optimizing your conversions.

While if you choose to work with Google Analytics, it will imply some work and some technical support. If you want to track events, you can define them manually, and changes on your site should be updated in your GA account.

Secondly, Oribi translates your data into actionable insights automatically. Also, this analytics tool can scan your website traffic, conversion goals, key pages, and main visitor data. If there is any change in traffic, Oribi finds possible causes and provides you with more reliable insights into your data. Highlights important data for your marketing channels, attribution, and visitor’s journey to make result-oriented decisions.

On the other hand, Oribi’s alternative, Google Analytics, is built more for already specialized people and focuses on necessary traffic numbers such as user engagement, time on site, and bounce rate. Here you have to compare several reports and find trends for yourself manually.

Oribi vs. Google Analytics Features

Before a customer purchases something from you will visit your website multiple times. Here’s why you need Oribi. The tool can identify and evaluate all such attachments involved in any event, whether defined or not. Oribi Analytics includes unlimited attribution models to choose from to define your model. Moreover, it helps you look into individual visitors’ sessions, reveal interesting attribution patterns, and learn from their behavior. Google Analytics displays limited attribution and uses the default attribution model before customers convert to your site. And doesn’t offer any session of individual visitor data available.

If you need any help with Oribi, they offer 24/7 support from an expert, which is important when you don’t understand how to do something with the tool. In contrast, Google Analytics doesn’t offer this kind of customer support.

As I said before, it will take me a lifetime to detail every little thing that each tool can do for your website. However, I want to highlight that each one demands a certain skill level from the one using it. That’s why Oribi is a good alternative to Google Analytics; you don’t have to know how to interpret data because the tool automatically does it.

Oribi vs. Google Analytics Pricing

Indeed, Google Analytics is free. Until a point. There is a recurring fee if you want more advanced features or the ability to do more with the service. Unlike many freemiums, the price hike is significant here, as Google Analytics 360 (formerly Google Analytics Premium) will cost you $150,000 yearly. Of course, for this money, you’ll get so many things that I can’t even count.

For Oribi, the pricing plans are calculated depending on how many unique visitors you have per month. You can find all the details on the Oribi pricing dedicated page.

Oribi vs. Google Conclusion

To sum up, if you don’t want to bother learning Google Analytics, Oribi is a good alternative. The tool will automize some processes for you, and you can get some great data delivered instantly. So I think it is worth giving it a chance and focusing on other things for your business.


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