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What is Oribi?

Oribi is a digital analytics tool for everyone who wants to improve their business results.

The tool will make it easy for you to get actionable insights without needing a specialist. So, the software product will collect everything visitors do on your site for each button click or page visit. The main benefit of this tool is being user-friendly and intuitive and can be used by everyone with any level of knowledge in digital analytics.

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All-in-one Marketing Analytics tool.
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Starting from:

$810 /month

Pricing Model: Subscription

Pricing Details:

The Oribi pricing is calculated by visitors/per month, depending on your business type. Yet, they break the plans into "Business Website," eCommerce Shop," and "Marketing Agency." So, depending on the industry, you can choose the right plan for your business.

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  • Attribution and Traffic
  • Audience Insights
  • Custom Event Tracking
  • Custom Reports and Dashboards
  • Entry and Exit Pages
  • Funnels
  • Goal Setting/Tracking
  • Multiple-site Management
  • Real-Time Reporting
  • Sessions - Digital Analytics
  • User Data
  • Tracking & Reporting
  • Campaign Tracking


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With this analytics tool, you’ll be able to turn your data into action and grow your business without being a specialist. It helps both novices and professionals generate traffic insights and improve the overall conversion rate without technical skills or professional developers. Oribi was founded in 2015 and is not an antelope but a digital analytics software and quite a serious competition for Google Analytics. Thus, let’s find from this review how Oribi works and why it is a good alternative to Google Analytics.

Oribi – digital analytics

The Oribi is a small, elegant antelope recorded from northeastern to southeastern South Africa. I’m joking. Yes, it is an antelope, but I will review a software product, not that beautiful animal.

Wondering what Oribi is and how it works? Or maybe you want to discover what makes it different from all the other analytics tools? Exactly this is what I want to show you in this review. Hoping this will give you the big picture of the product. First of all, Oribi is a marketing analytics tool that will help you evaluate. And optimize your marketing efforts. From your primary campaigns to new posts you released. Secondly, it will help you analyze the flow of your website, showing you what visitors you can convert into leads.

Oribi digital analytics software review by Tekpon

Undoubtedly, Google Analytics is the Almighty God of digital analytics and gives you essential data. Yet, you need to understand how it works, and you’ll probably need a specialist. On the other hand, Oribi sets the bar higher in providing you with data you can trust. Oribi was designed to solve the problems users of Google Analytics face; this is your chance to be data-driven without the headache of hiring a specialist. But I will say no more and let Oribi convince you with this review.

Is Oribi better than Google Analytics?

First of all, it doesn’t require any code. Without a developer, you can divine any event on your website and button clicks from submissions, page groups, and anything else. Secondly, they don’t believe in creating endless amounts of data. The user shouldn’t be the one who should be doing all the work.

This tool presents summarized and actionable data for everything you need to track changes and stay on top of your site. Also, it is effortless to use and has a beautiful, friendly interface, so you can easily share it with non-data-savvy colleagues.

Oribi visitor journey review Tekpon

The tool offers codeless events and will let you know what visitors can convert. With Oribi, you can easily track any event on your website without using code signups and purchase new subscribers. I know that everyone is aware of Google Analytics, and no one is contesting this entity’s power in a business.

But on the other hand, don’t ignore other digital analytics solutions that may not request you to hire a specialist. What I’m saying is to remain open to other tools. Maybe they can have something more to offer than the big ones.

Oribi Products

Oribi is quite a versatile tool, and the team has designed two products to help people in different situations. This tool is a breath of fresh air in the Analytics industry – by providing actionable insights instead of ‘more data.’ This fact leads to the fact that millions of companies can access a field that was only available to a small segment so far.

Moreover, they are the first and only company building an  AI-based technology to help any business of any size become completely data-driven. So, let’s see how you can use Oribi and what fields it can be beneficial.

  • eCommerce

When owning an eCommerce business, your main goal is to sell. Of course, you can do that by offering the best products, but you can also understand your customer need on your website and deliver to them. With Oribi, you can know who your customers are, what they like, and why some of your users are not becoming actual buyers.

For all of this, you need the right insights to focus on marketing actions. Oribi is a tool that will deliver you these insights. Moreover, the tool was designed to empower online shops of all platforms, understand their shop visitors, optimize their journeys, and turn your data into a conversion compass.

eCommerce Features
Oribi highlights what requires your attention and turns your data into a compass leading to higher revenue. With Oribi, you will understand which actions lead to sales, be on top of the changes in your shop, and be able to focus your efforts to generate revenue.
Imagine you could follow your prospects through your shop. With Oribi, you can see every step individuals take in your shop and reveal the journeys of customers who check out, add to cart
When you know where you’re losing customers today, you know where you need to spend most of your time optimizing. Oribi’s funnels are smart, can include any button, page, or form on your site, can even be cross-domain, and are built in a button click.
From videos to product pages, creating content takes time. Oribi helps you evaluate each of your efforts, focus on the content that drives sales, and eliminate activities that waste your time.
Most customers have several touchpoints with your online shop before buying something. This makes planning your marketing activities a struggle. Oribi’s full attribution feature solves this issue.
You don’t need to be everywhere – only on the right channels. Oribi shows you which channels are most profitable for your shop and which are just wasting your resources.
Got a spike in revenue? Please share it with your boss and teammates! Oribi’s reports are fully designed, customizable, and ready with just a button click.

  • Agencies

Do you own an agency, or are you a marketer who needs to understand how to generate more leads for your customers? As a marketing agency, you have to spend a lot of time analyzing and getting reports from your client’s website to pull out some insights from their knowledge. Then, you have to take all those insights and show them to your client so that he can better understand them.

But, with Oribi, you won’t have to worry about this. The insights are pre-generated, and you can adjust them to give the client a clear idea of the outcome. So, if you like what you are reading until now, let’s see further what you can do for your clients regarding analytics.

Agencies Features
With Oribi, you can be on top of your client’s needs. Oribi highlights what requires your attention and gets you the insights to take the right actions.
Why would you spend hours building your reports if you can have it in a button click? With Oribi, you get jaw-dropping, customized reports to give your results the stage they deserve.
Great traffic is not enough! Oribi’s optimization features empower you to understand what works and doesn’t and how to drive more conversions on your clients’ sites.
Handling multiple domains and several channels is tough. Don’t waste resources. Oribi shows you which channels work best for each domain and help you invest your clients’ budgets right.
How can you optimize the customer experience on your clients’ sites? It’s easy with Oribi’s Visitor Journeys. You get access to each step and every action of individual visitors across all your client’s domains. Understand specific behavior and quickly spot optimization opportunities.
Facebook, Instagram, Google, Youtube. You are probably working on multiple channels for your clients. But proving the success of all your hard work falls short. Oribi’s Marketing Attribution solves this issue.

Details of Oribi Features

I really hope that until this, you’ve understood the purpose of this tool and how useful it can be for your website. So, to sum up, Oribi was designed to capture data about website visitors and convert them into intuitive and simple reports. Moreover, this tool allows you to track each visitor of your website and deliver you beneficial information about them like where they came from, the landing page that they encountered, the website funnel that they’ve followed, the number and locations of clicks made, and the checkout process that they completed.

Let’s find out some of the features that Oribi offers:

  • Insights & Trends
  • Event Tracking
  • Funnels & Correlations
  • Marketing Channel Analysis
  • Visitor Journeys
  • Reports
  • Marketing Attribution

Oribi Cost

So, if this tool got your attention, probably you’re wondering how much it costs and what kind of subscriptions it offers. I’m not going to tell you that it has a good price because, firstly, they are not offering a free version, unlike Google Analytics. Regarding price, Google Analytics wins the battle because they offer a free version, which is ideal for small businesses. You’ll have to pay a lot of money if you want some premium features. Now, let’s see how much money Oribi will cost you.

Alternatives to Oribi

As I’ve said in each review, what is good for me is not necessarily good for you. So, take this as a recommendation, not as a sure thing. Each person or business will have their match tools, but you have to see which one is working for your type of business. But, definitely, Oribi is a must-try tool, an alternative to Google Analytics. But, if you are looking for some other Oribi alternative, I’ve got a list for you:

  • Google Analytics
  • Heap
  • Mixpanel
  • Visitor Analytics

I’m sure that you will find and choose the right one, considering features, pricing plans, or user interaction.

Oribi Review Conclusion

I hope you know your business’s importance of having digital analytics software to give you the right insights about your customers. Now more than ever, we live in a digital world, and even traditional businesses have an online presence. Thus, digital is the only way to get to know your customers or your website visitors. With software products like Oribi, you can learn great insights about them and take the right actions to convert them into actual buyers.

Moreover, you can analyze if you’re reaching your target audience and which channels have the best engagement—the journey your audience takes before converting into paying customers. Oribi is a good alternative to Google Analytics as you don’t need to be a specialist or hire a good one. So, Oribi will save you time to focus on the business and money. Of course, you have to pay for a tool like this, but it will do a specialist’s job. Therefore, I think that Oribi deserves a chance and can easily replace Google Analytics.

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