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FinTech Software

Technology is evolving fast, and we witnessed some disruptive changes in a short time. For example, think about online and mobile banking, which we understood as the ultimate revelation for modern finance. But not so long after, we have presented the fintech software, the latest trend in the financial industry. It seems to be a great opportunity for businesses but let’s see next what the fintech software is about.

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Founderpath is a financing vehicle for SaaS founders to help them turn monthly subscriptions (MRR) into upfront cash. The firm aims to help companies raise funds without sacrificing equity. Founders ...
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Blox is a cloud-based platform that revolutionizes strategic and business planning by providing pre-built planning models. It aims to help business leaders escape the complexities of error-prone spre...
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Brex is a fintech software that integrates payments, cards, capital, and spend management, making it simple for founders, finance teams, and employees to spend wisely, grow quickly, and enjoy the rid...
Learn more about Brex
Novo is a modern, digital banking platform tailored specifically for small businesses and entrepreneurs. Designed to simplify business banking, Novo offers a suite of tools and features that cater to...
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Soldo is a versatile expense management application aiming to revolutionize how businesses of all sizes handle expenses. The app help companies reduce the time spent on reimbursements through company...
Learn more about Soldo
Juni is a comprehensive financial platform tailored for e-commerce businesses. Offering more than just accounts and cards, Juni integrates seamlessly with over 2400 platforms, from ad networks to pay...
Learn more about Juni
Tykr is an innovative investment platform that revolutionizes individuals’ engagement with the stock market. Designed to cater to both beginners and seasoned investors, Tykr’s mission is ...
Learn more about Tykr
Tremendous is a US-based fintech company facilitating fast and easy global payments for businesses. It offers a platform for distributing digital incentives and rewards, including gift cards, prepaid...
Learn more about Tremendous
Ramp is a corporate card and spend management software that helps businesses track, manage, and control expenses. The platform provides virtual corporate cards to employees, allowing businesses to tr...
Learn more about Ramp
Credit Karma is a free online provider that has been providing a month-to-month credit score rating since 2007. In addition, they offer free credit score monitoring, federal and state income tax prep...
Learn more about Credit Karma
Mercury is a cutting-edge banking platform designed specifically for startups. With a focus on flexibility and efficiency, Mercury offers a suite of financial tools that cater to the unique needs of ...
Learn more about Mercury
Emburse Tallie is an expense management software designed to simplify and automate the expense reporting process for businesses of all sizes. Aimed at enhancing the efficiency and accuracy of expense...
Learn more about Emburse Tallie is an exciting product that promises to help you make the best decisions about banks and cards. Clyde divides credit cards according to the value it brings to the user. As a result, it will ...
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Rho is a comprehensive financial management platform designed to streamline corporate cash and spending processes. It offers a suite of tools that cater to various financial needs, including Corporat...
Learn more about Rho
Finway is a financial management software designed to streamline and automate accounts payable processes for businesses. It offers scalable solutions for efficient cost control and minimizes manual w...
Learn more about finway
Rydoo is a cloud-based fintech expense management platform that simplifies reimbursements, automates expenses, saves time, and boosts productivity. It simplifies the expense reporting process with it...
Learn more about Rydoo
Sertifi is a Digital Signature Software and FinTech solution that enables users to streamline workflows, enhance security, and expedite processes through e-signatures, payments, and authorizations. S...
Learn more about Sertifi
Collexo is a versatile software solution designed to streamline document management and collaboration processes. It offers features to enhance efficiency and organization, making it a valuable tool f...
Learn more about Collexo
Richie AI provides an embedded lending infrastructure to enable PSPs & vertical SaaS to launch a business lending program. It enables brokers to operate their lending businesses by providing a pr...
Learn more about Richie AI
Vertice is a SaaS purchasing platform that simplifies software procurement and management, offering businesses visibility and control over their SaaS stack while saving time and money. Leveraging ext...
Learn more about Vertice

What is fintech software?

To begin with, fintech is a combination of ‘financial’ and ‘technology.’ This means that, alongside traditional banking, this new tool integrates technology within the financial industry deeper. In a more specialized language, this is called neobank. Companies that use these neobank tools better manage their transactions and financial processes.

How is that possible? Because at the base of the financial operations lay more advanced algorithms than before. The new tech tool allows people or businesses to do a traditional money transfer or deposit checks using a smartphone.

Moreover, you are allowed to manage investments, raise money for a business start-up, even apply for credit without visiting a bank. Everything is just one click away. Also, they are more customer-centered. Fields like education, retail banking, or NGOs are included in the wide area of activity of a fintech software.

Benefits of using a fintech software

As a business, you should take advantage of the wide range of opportunities and advanced fintech solutions this digital era gives you. Firstly, your cash flow will considerably increase because the payments are automated.

Thus, your company won’t have to wait for a transaction, a neobank will make faster payments, and your time won’t be wasted. At the same time, a fintech platform is an easy-to-use tool, speaking in terms of creating a bank account and digital access to that account.

The interface of a fintech tool is considered more user-friendly than conventional finance software, hence its popularity. Not to mention that every user experience is personalized for a smoother and efficient interaction with the platform. Of course, platforms with this magnitude on the market allow you to use multiple apps with them.

Thanks to the technological development in the financial area, fintech tools are considered more trustworthy because of their transparency. And every business needs a software that provides them with clear and useful information required for making decisions and acting.

Key features of a fintech software

Considering the wide range of software types on the market, we think they should have some key features. This will allow their followers to experience every user of traditional financial services they would long for. We made for you a top of main features every fintech tool should have:

  • Intuitive interface
  • Payment gateway
  • Security
  • Personalized experience
  • User management
  • Online chat
  • Bank account integration
  • Add-on plugins
  • Data analytics
  • Automation

Providing financial services combined with technological development, fintech can help start-ups and larger businesses. If you are as curious as us about the future of financial industry, stay with us because we have great updates for you.

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