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What is Novo?

Novo is an online startup fintech solution. The solution comes with no monthly fees attached to your account and free access to ATMs. Furthermore, Novo integrates with several of the market’s top accounting and payment processing platforms.

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Manage your business finances on the go.
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    Novo Platform Inc.

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    United States

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Starting from: FREE

Pricing Model: Subscription

Pricing Details:

Novo does not charge any fees for any reason on your account - including international ATM fees.

  • ACH Payment Processing
  • Accounts Receivable
  • Accounts Payable
  • Biometric Sign-In
  • Billing & Invoicing
  • Debit/Credit Card Processing
  • Transaction History
  • Streamlined Onboarding
  • Security
  • Personalized UI/UX
  • Payment Processing
  • Payment Gateway
  • Online Invoicing
  • Mobile Payments


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In the world we live today, speed is a key element. The banking sector is not an exception and is forced to adapt more than ever. Thus, fintech products such as Novo are developed more often and force the whole sector towards innovation. Continue reading the Novo review to find all there is to know about this new financial technology.

Steps to creating a bank account in Novo startup banking- tekpon reviews

About Novo

Novo was developed in New York back in 2016 by Novo Platform INC. Today the company is based in Miami and has a business partner Middlesex Federal Savings. Furthermore, Novo aims to bring small business checking into the new age. Since 2016 the company has convinced 100.000 small business owners to use its services and received an investment of $41 million to further develop and innovate in the sector.

Novo is for Small Business Owners

How to use Novo Startup Banking?

The easy sign-up is sure of the perks of creating an account with Novo for small business owners. Thus, all you have to do to become one of their customers is to:

  • Tell them about yourself
  • Share your business information
  • Get your Novo Account

Personal information requested for opening a bank account- honest reviews by tekpon

Reach out to them from any device and create an account.

Above all, if you are a startup or small business owner, we know every penny counts, and flexibility is of great importance to you; this is one of the reasons why several other business owners are in a similar stage of their business.

Benefits of using Novo

  • Easily accessible from any device
  • Customer service that answers questions in under one h
  • No fees on Automated Clearing House Transfers
  • Apply in under 10 minutes

Novo: Powerfully Simple Solution for Small Business

Details of Novo Features

Let’s move forward with our Novo review and talk about its features.


Novo allows you to accept debit and credit card payments on invoices through its integration with Stripe. Moreover, the fintech company is also testing a beta version of accepting invoice payments with  Square.

Last, Novo will ensure that you are up to date with the invoices that have been paid, and it will automatically send you a notification via email.

Novo invoicing - tekpon review

Novo Stripe Integration

Now, while you are keen to think that it’s usual and all financial technology companies offer these services, keep in mind that Novo has a deep integration with Stripe and is a verified partner. Some even go as far as saying that they have the best integration available on the market.

Integration between Stripe and Novo

Furthermore, when you sign up, you can check your Stripe balance straight from your Novo account while enjoying $20.000 in fee-free processing.

Plan and Budget

Novo has the option of creating five reserves to help you set money aside. For example, you might set money aside for taxes, payroll, and other large business expenses.

Furthermore, it offers the option of instantly moving funds in and out of a reserve. In the future, the financial technology startup will also offer the option to automate funds from your income.


Novo offers an innovative feature related to funding your business. So, you can do that straight from your bank account seamlessly. Moreover, the transfer comes with no minimum and no transfer fees.
transfer funds from your bank account to fund the business seamlessly

Checks Deposits

The Novo fintech system allows you to deposit a check straight from your phone.

What is the benefit of doing that? Well, it will save you time and money. So how do you do that? As simple as it can be. All you have to do is take a picture of the check and upload it.

Deposit checks instantly from your phone with Novo - tekpon

Send Payments

You can easily send payments in the US and internationally from your Novo account powered by its bank sponsor Middlesex Federal Savings F.A.

send payments novo - fintech

  • Send via ACH & paper checks free of fees
  • Send internationally via Wise
  • Unlimited transactions free in the US

Card Payments

Novo cards are accepted worldwide and support GPay and Apple pay. Furthermore, your account is always monitored for suspicious transactions.

Novo, the small business fintech,  enables you to withdraw money at any ATM, and they will refund you the fees. Last, you will also receive instant notifications for any transactions the card is used for.

World wide accepted payments through fintech - novo review tekpon


While moderate in number, Novo Integrations shine in terms of solutions and functionality. Thus, the platform has other than the best integrations on the market with Stripe integrations with other accounting, e-commerce, and CRM tools.

  • Wise
  • Slack
  • Xero
  • Stripe
  • Shopify
  • QuickBooks
  • Etsy
  • eBay

Customer Service at Novo

In contrast to other financial technology services, Novo has a great reputation for customer service. In addition, the fintech platform, in contrast to others, offers human-powered customer service and avoids robots. Why is this important?

Above all, you will be able to solve all your problems faster and without an ad of frustration for small business owners.

Novo Review Conclusion

To sum up, Novo is an easy-to-use fintech that truly innovated and made it easier for startups and small businesses to fund and manage their transactions. While the app is focused on SMEs for now, we are an optimist. In a couple of years, larger companies will turn towards these services as they increase productivity and automatization, making processes more scalable.

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