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If you want to track the performance of your computer’s network, then you should definitely ease your job by using a network monitoring software products. Not only performance but also to detect if there is any problem with your network. And many other things that will keep your business on track.

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We believe that network management should be an easy and manageable task. And Auvik makes it possible. It is designed to automate network management and make IT professionals’ lives easier. The...
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GlassWire is a network monitoring software and a security app with an in-built firewall. It has internet privacy protection, remote server monitoring, internet security, and bandwidth usage monitorin...
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Kasm Workspaces

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Kasm Workspaces is gradually altering how businesses deliver digital workspaces using their open-source, web-native container streaming technology to establish a modern DevOps delivery of Desktop as ...
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When working remotely, having tools with the help of which we can communicate and collaborate with our teammates is wonderful. But besides these useful tools without which our jobs could not be possible, let’s think deeper about what connects us.

Has it ever happened to you to have problems with your internet connection and not know exactly where the issue starts or what causes it? A network monitoring software works as a surveillance system reporting all the network issues to you.

I will tell you shortly what it is all about, while our reviews will discuss this at greater length.

What are network monitoring tools?

Network monitoring solution comes in handy when you know that it is better to prevent than fight. Thus, this tool monitors a computer network to discover dysfunctionalities and slow or failing components. When a problem occurs, the IT department receives alerts about the deficient network working on it. For example, there can be troubles with the network’s speed or its efficiency. In every case, a tool of this kind will tell you precisely where to check.

At the same time, network tracking software manages to measure the performance of your network. It is similar to a management platform that supervises and guides the IT teams to fix the issues. It continuously observes your network’s workflow to make sure that everything is operating as well as it can be. If not, the administrator will be notified, and the issues can be visualized via a dashboard.

Moreover, this tool can monitor outside threats like malware, useful for network security.

Benefits of network monitoring software

A network monitoring software comes with multiple advantages within an organization.

First of all, you will save time if you rely on this tool. This is because it continuously monitors the network and the data implied in real-time. Because of that, the app will notify you if there is an issue to be fixed before you notice it.

There can be a deficient server that causes troubles to the network. No matter the size of the problem. Minor or big, you will be aware immediately of any of them and prepared to take action to fix it.

In addition, those minor issues could scale quickly into larger ones, but due to the software, you will stay tuned with every change in the working process of networking. Thus, you will save lots of time acting on problems immediately, perhaps before they appear.

Second, your network can pass through a security analysis process where the issues encountered by the apps will appear on your dashboard. Therefore, this tool can improve network security by alerting you about its condition, the impact of the problem, and the extent to which it is affected or even damaged.

Main features of network monitoring apps

For a tool to measure network efficiency, it should have integrated some features that we consider the main characteristics that make the app effective. Here, we will present you with some of them:

  • Real-time performance updates
  • Automatic device discovery
  • Alerts and notifications
  • Mapping
  • Diagnosis and analysis
  • Natural scalability
  • Dashboards
  • User experience monitoring

Naming just a few of the many features a software network monitoring provides, it is important to keep that in mind when choosing one of those tools. And, of course, to check our latest updates on network monitoring apps that might help you make the right decision for your company and individual needs!

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