5 Digital trends for your Marketing Strategy in 2022

Author Cristiana
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It’s a little shallow, and it doesn’t tell anything if I am saying that the world is changing. It isn’t something new. The world has been changing and evolving from its very beginning. However, it is a fact that as technology advances, so do the public’s expectations of what a company should provide. Technological advancements influence how firms design their marketing strategy to stay up with client and potential customer preferences.

On the other hand, technology isn’t the only factor to consider when developing a marketing plan. Changes in society, events, crucial and unstable situations, and crises – storms, generally – all influence individual views in a society. As a result, businesses must monitor society, take its pulse, understand customer expectations, and respond accordingly. In addition, analytics may help you figure out who your target audience is.

As for 2022, we’ve caught the pulse of marketing techniques and digital trends that appear to be succeeding in light of current developments. So let’s look at some of the digital trends we’ve discovered and wish to share with you.

Livestream your events

Users’ media consumption habits have shifted since the outbreak. They migrated to alternatives due to a lack of face-to-face interaction. Their media consumption behaviors manifested in forms of media that are as close as possible to direct interaction, such as live streaming. During this period, live streaming services flourished, with many content creators opting for this marketing strategy to make their products and personal brands are known to the general public.

Live Videos

At the same time, it is a great digital marketing strategy for brands to maintain a closer connection to their audiences. Live videos give the impression of a real connection with customers while delivering clearer messages and keeping your community together. This can be a brand strategy to build credibility, trust, and awareness. Live streaming platforms can be used for video content, such as online conferences, product launches, live enterprise events, concerts, podcasts, or webinars.

Moreover, if you want to expand your potential customer list, you should choose a live platform that allows you to multistream your videos. This way, you can go live simultaneously on multiple popular channels. 

Learn about your clients by interacting with them

You are likely aware of the information on cookie use circulating on the internet for some time. This implies there will be no third-party data on clients or potential consumers. No cookies are used. For marketers and companies in general, this is bad news. Although Google has postponed its plans to remove third-party cookies in Chrome until 2023, you should be prepared with precautions and a smart marketing strategy to prevent bad scenarios.

Hence, given the focus of media users on interactions as close to reality as possible, you can take this as an opportunity to get to know your audience better. Yet, collecting data about them, their needs, and preferences will no longer be intrusive but rather fun and engaging. Yet, surveys, gamification, or basic online interaction between the brand and consumer should be parts of your marketing strategy.

Customer Profile Data

Furthermore, online events such as live streaming provide valuable insights into your audience. You can collect data about them and build consumer profiles without any third party. This marketing strategy is proven to be efficient for data reporting and collection.

Stay in touch with customers with email automation

When I think about a digital marketing strategy to stay in permanent touch with clients, email automation comes to my mind every time. This marketing strategy can reach potential customers, attract prospects, and generate online leads. Also, an email marketing strategy offers a medium that keeps communication with clients alive. This way, you can convince them that your business is worth further purchases. 

Email Automation

How you can get in touch with your audience via this marketing strategy is various. First, you can approach them directly in their inboxes with newsletters, info about new products and new business achievements, coupon codes, discounts, or relevant product suggestions. At the same time, you can limit cart rate abandonment by sending your customers emails about unfinished orders.

And since 2022 is about personalization and tailoring communication in line with people’s personalities and needs, an email marketing strategy offers them all. From brand awareness to building credibility and trust, email marketing strategy is one of those promotion strategies that can increase conversion rates. 

High quality & unique content

The attention span is very short nowadays. Thus, customers look to find relevant content according to their needs. If you don’t deliver the information as quickly as possible, your visitors might search for someone who does. Hence, it is important to have high quality and, at the same time, unique content. High-quality content based on a well-documented SEO strategy will get you more online leads. After that, the unique content has the potential to keep your audiences engaged for a longer time. 

SEO Strategy

Also, you want to be different from the rest. A widespread marketing strategy is hard-selling the products and services. People are overwhelmed by ads that try to push too hard at their wallets. Instead, a more subtle marketing strategy includes educating your public. For example, you can educate them about why your products and services are important in their lives. Offer people a non-intrusive experience where they can learn more about your business. 

Influencer marketing

Because I was talking about content customization, influencer marketing strategy remains one of the most efficient marketing efforts. Attaching a human face to your products and services changes how the customer perceives the communication you establish. At the same time, it’s critical to understand your target audience and determine whether the influencer’s audience is similar to the one you’re trying to attract. 

Influencer Marketing

Furthermore, it is well known that, in addition to admiration for the favorite influencer, a parasocial relationship between them and their audience is frequently developed. As a result, individuals are tempted to believe this trend setter’s advice. Finally, audiences may transform from casual observers to paying clients for your company.

Finally, something that should back the marketing strategy is to be more of an empath and less of a business. Events in society have a tremendous impact on shaping customers’ habits. Thus, being aware of people’s needs and expectations at a certain time and meeting them is at the core of any digital trend. We hope these marketing ideas and digital trends we identified as worth trying for 2022 can boost your business sales and overall reputation.