Cross-Listing Tools: Increase Your Sales Velocity

Cristiana Trifu - Tekpon Author

eCommerce businesses have grown in popularity through the years. People are choosing to run this type of business because we live in a prevailing digital world where access to the internet is widely spread worldwide. It is more convenient for customers to buy from an online store from the comfort of their homes than to run through the city to buy a certain item. Moreover, the offer is much more diversified, and the products’ prices are more competitive.

Thus, clients can choose from a wider spectrum of products and services. Thanks to customers’ openness to eCommerce solutions, this is why you should go for solid strategies to grow your business. A great one would be to use cross-listing tools to boost your presence on many marketplaces. 

Selling your products and services on multiple sales apps can only bring benefits. It would help to use marketing strategies to build visibility and expand your customer list. Thus, a cross-listing app has your back regarding working automation, profit generation, and increasing sales. 

Increase eCommerce business sales with cross-listing tools

Hitting the maximum exposure for your products and services means more sales, which, in turn, translates into greater revenues. Cross-listing software is one of the most efficient selling strategies to grow sales. It would help to consider some aspects before reaching for a multi-channel listing software, including your eCommerce business needs, apps’ functionalities, affordability, and ease of use. 

Hence, this list of cross-listing software can help you make the right decision for your online shop. 


Vendoo is a cross-listing tool that helps online sellers manage inventory effortlessly and enhance sales. It works with popular eCommerce platforms to gain as much visibility as possible. If, at first, Vendoo had integrations with Kidizen, Tradesy, Depop, Grailer, Facebook Marketplace, Etsy, Mercari, Poshmark, and eBay, the official announcement was made in January – new integration with Shopify. 

Every reseller who wants to improve their eCommerce business should consider using this cross-listing software. Why? Vendoo is a simple and easy-to-use cross-selling platform that saves you much time. It has listing templates so that you can directly upload the products. Moreover, you can also import items from the online stores Vendoo supports. 

In addition, this cross-selling platform provides analytics about your business. Hence, these insights refer to sales and profit across different marketplaces to see the bigger picture of the online shop. This way, you can make better decisions and perform smart marketing strategies to increase sales. Thus, due to its amazing functionalities, the Vendoo cross-listing software increases the likelihood of selling your products and services across different channels. 

As for the pricing, the subscription is affordable and gives you access to useful features such as inventory management, image resizer, and editor. This listing software also offers a free trial. You can reach out to see if this platform is for you. 


Another powerful cross-listing software is SamCart. This listing platform allows online store owners to sell digital products across eCommerce platforms. SamCart provides incredible cross-listing tools to gain product visibility and exposure. 

To begin with, SamCart offers listing templates for the product, checkout, and sales pages. These pre-defined templates and layouts are customizable due to the drag-and-drop builder that lets your creativity flow and makes your life easier. Moreover, SamCart allows you to list unlimited products. Setting the currency for the local offering, connecting to digital wallets such as Google Pay and Apple Pay, and setting custom domains for your products are just some of SamCart’s most useful functionalities.

SamCart Dashboard review Tekpon

Offering an excellent user experience to your customers increases the chances of buying from your website. Thus, this cross-listing app offers revenue optimization for your eCommerce business. These features include pre-purchase order bumps, one-click upsells, and the pay-what-you-want option.

At the same time, to increase conversion rates, you can use the A/B testing functionality, tracking and targeting website visitors, and advanced analytics. When it comes to security, SamCart has your back. This cross-listing software is SCA, PCI, GDPR, and SSL compliant. They also have no transaction costs, so that you can maximize the return. 


I think it is time to Sellbrite the existence of a great multi-channel listing software. See what I’ve done here? Sellbrite’s name is fully matching its capabilities for online selling. 

The Sellbrite cross-selling tool enhances your chances of selling your products and services across multiple platforms. With a straightforward interface, Sellbrite provides superior automation technology to streamline the listing process. At the same time, Sellbrite cross-listing software prevents you from overselling and helps you maximize the revenue. Sellbrite assists resellers in the eCommerce business on popular channels such as Shopify, BogCommerce, Magento, Amazon, eBay, and many others. Moreover, all your listing is in only one central place, so you can import items individually or in bulk. 

SellBrite Dashboard

Sellbrite is an accurate cross-selling software since it automatically updates the stocks and inventory on every channel you sell to prevent overselling. Additionally, it integrates with USPS and ShipStation so you can honor the orders promptly. 


Cross-listing software enables you to tap into diverse customer bases and target niche markets that may have otherwise been inaccessible. By reaching a wider audience, you can attract more potential customers, increase brand visibility, and generate higher sales volumes.

Furthermore, the automation capabilities offered by cross-listing software streamline your operations, saving you time and resources. With features like bulk listing, inventory synchronization, and order management, you can eliminate manual tasks and focus on strategic business initiatives like product development and customer engagement.

It is crucial to analyze and optimize your cross-listing strategies regularly. Monitor key performance metrics, evaluate marketplace trends, and make data-driven decisions to fine-tune your listings for maximum impact. By iterating and refining your approach, you can continuously improve your sales velocity and stay ahead of the competition.

Embracing cross-listing software empowers you to expand your online presence, tap into untapped markets, and accelerate sales growth. However, selecting the right cross-listing tools that align with your business goals and requirements is important. Research and evaluate different software options, consider user reviews and features, and choose a solution that best fits your needs.

In conclusion, by increasing your sales velocity through cross-listing software, you can unlock new opportunities for business growth and profitability. Leverage the power of these tools, optimize your listings, and embrace automation to streamline operations and enhance customer experiences. Stay agile, adapt to market dynamics, and continually optimize your cross-listing strategies to maximize your sales potential. With the right approach, cross-listing software can be a game-changer, propelling your business to new heights of success.