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Vendoo is a multi-channel listing software or an eBay listing software that aids sellers in cross-listing their products to many marketplaces faster than they could if they were to do it on their own. The Vendoo marketplace relieves you of the stress of relisting your products manually at an affordable rate. But let’s discover more about this listing software from our review.

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Vendoo works with up to nine marketplaces, including eBay, Facebook, Poshmark, Mercari, Depop, Etsy, Grailed, Tradesy, and Kidizen. They are planning on including Shopify on the list. Vendoo is also among the top listing tools that many online sellers use. It is a cross-listing or cross-posting application for resellers who sell on Kidizen, Tradesy, Depop, Grailer, Facebook marketplace, Etsy, Mercari, Poshmark, eBay.

What is Vendoo?

Are you a reseller that is looking for ways of increasing your income? Have you heard anything about cross-posting? Cross-posting entails getting a product you have listed on a marketplace and posting it on an extra marketplace to improve your chances of selling it. Vendoo is a platform that can enable you to cross-post as a reseller. This software helps you monitor your inventory and get rid of those products as soon as they get sold so that the reseller doesn’t mistakenly sell them twice.

Immediately you get signed up on Vendoo, and you’ll automatically access these features: inventory page, image editor and resizer, image hosting, and three marketplaces. So, you can use Vendoo to list your products on many marketplaces and platforms without manually having to do it.

How to use Vendoo?

You will need to download the Vendoo app on your device. Then, sign up. After that, make sure you register with the marketplaces you want to use and log into each. Then, upload the products that you want to sell on the Vendoo website. You can do the uploading in two ways:

You can either choose to upload your products directly with the aid of the Vendoo listing template. Or you can import products from any of the marketplaces that Vendoo supports. Although, you will need to buy this feature to use it. When you upload any of your products on Vendoo, ensure you click on the marketplace’s name where you want to get it listed before filling out any other relevant details.

Specific marketplaces need more details than others. Also, ensure you choose the right category for a product if you want to provide free or buyer-paid shipping. When you are done filling in the details for a marketplace, click on the name of the next one, fill out any extra necessary information, and get it listed. The process is straightforward and fast.

Vendoo Features


  • The relist and delist feature. This feature on Vendoo helps get rid of a listing from a marketplace and then post it as a new listing.
  • The importing features. This feature assists users in bringing their existing products from one of the marketplaces to Vendoo so that they can cross-post them to different platforms.
  • They are listing on every marketplace. This feature ensures a quicker and simpler way for users to list their products on Vendoo’s existing marketplaces.
  • It has a feature that ensures ease in filtering, sorting, and managing inventory. You will also have access to great analytics that will transform users’ businesses.
  • The cross-posting feature. This feature enables users to cross-post their products on many marketplaces.
  • Vendoo also has a feature that enables sellers to remove sold listings from their marketplaces by just clicking a button. After marking that product as sold, Vendoo will take care of the rest work.
  • Vendoo also has a feature that helps users gain access to analytics and data about their reselling business. This feature will allow you to view your sales and revenue data to quickly make informed decisions that will help you enhance your business.
  • A feature that can help you as a user to filter and label your reseller inventory.

Vendoo Pricing

Vendoo pricing is very affordable.  The subscription plan for this listing software depends on the number of products that you list every month. Moreover, all the plans on Vendoo have these features:

  • Inventory page
  • Image resizer and editor
  • Image hosting
  • Ability to list on three marketplaces.
  • You are also free to list five products every month.

[pricing_box starting=”$8.99/month/per 25 items” model=”Subscription” ][/pricing_box]

Vendoo Alternatives

Here are Vendoo alternatives.


This software helps you to grow your new online store quickly and very fast.

Zen Cart

It is an open-source, user-friendly shopping cart software that is free to use. This e-commerce website was developed by designers, shop owners, consultants, and programmers who believe they should excellently do e-commerce web design.

Marketing 360

More than 20,000 small business owners use this software to enhance and manage their businesses. This software provides you with the tools you need to scale and the do-it-for-you marketing programs your business requires to grow.


This shopping cart software powers a lot of online checkouts worldwide.


It is a web-based checkout platform where business owners sell their digital products or services online.


This is a PHP-based open-source e-commerce shopping cart platform where users can sell their products or services.


PrestaShop is an open-source e-commerce platform that powers up to 300,000 online stores all over the world.

Constant Contact

With this tool, as a business owner, you can sell more products or services, reach more customers, or share your passion with other people. Constant Contact has many tools, features, and professional guidance business owners need to get their business online and grow it too.

Vendoo Review Conclusions

Vendoo is a cross-posting software that many online sellers use to list their products in many marketplaces like Facebook, Kidizen, Tradesy, Grailed, Etsy, Depop, eBay, Mercari, etc. Poshmark. The platform was launched in 2017, and it has a mission to assist and empower resellers to learn more about their business and enhance it.  With Vendoo, resellers can easily cross-list their products across various marketplaces. Moreover, their subscription plans are very affordable.