Email Campaigns: the next level of your business growth

Cristiana Trifu - Tekpon Author

Every business owner should know that to gain success. The focus should be primarily on people. Focus on what they want and how you respond to their needs. Your response is a strong indicator of how they feel about you. And, for sure, you want to develop a long-lasting relationship with them based on positive feelings towards your business activity. Because what would be a business without its happy customers? There are many sales strategies you can adopt to grow your business by attracting prospects, reaching potential customers, and increasing sales. And most of them find their solution in email campaigns. 

And why did we choose to talk about email marketing automation? This marketing strategy might sound obsolete to some, but statistics show that it is still an efficient trend toward increasing sales and attracting prospects. 

Benefits of using email marketing tools for your small business

With stats showing that email has the highest return of investment of any medium, email campaigns are a worthwhile marketing strategy at $36 for every dollar invested. Thus, it is not surprising that 64% of small companies use email automation strategies to contact clients. In addition, four out of five marketers prefer using email marketing over social media, and they’d rather give up the latter to perform email campaigns. 

Hence, you might be curious about the benefits of email campaigns and why marketers think it is a good solution to reach potential customers, attract prospects and get online leads. Email campaigns are selling strategies due to keeping in touch with customers and potential clients that keep you top of mind. In addition, you can educate your readers, generate traffic, run polls, provide updates, and share news about your business. 

Yet, email automation is a sales strategy because it can build strong customer relationships, be efficient when it comes to time and budget, and build business credibility. As a result, you can increase conversions with this efficient client communication marketing strategy. 

Email Campaigns

Who you’re speaking to?

Starting email campaigns is not just communication to email addresses and shopping carts. Behind them are people with thoughts, needs, desires, and ideals. For effective communication through email automation, businesses should focus on researching their audiences and creating a suitable marketing approach for each of them. Messages must also be consistent with the type of audience they are targeting. These personalized messages will give people a sense of authenticity, that the business sees them and that it is aware of their needs.

This way, you can improve client communication, strengthen your relationship with customers and, in the end, increase sales. When your email marketing campaigns deliver relevant information and reach customers directly in their inboxes, connections are strengthened. Moreover, by assisting your target public to improve their lives with useful recommendations, products, services, or birthday vouchers, they’ll come to respect and trust you. 

Target Clients

Thus, the permanent communication and helpful tips provided via email campaigns can make clients turn to your business for the knowledge and value you offer. Yet, you want to be the first company that comes to their mind when they think of the products and services you are providing. Peoplețs engagement is based on building credibility. Like that, online leads can turn into clients and then into long-time customers. It’s simply a matter of allocating resources and dosing your marketing efforts. This way, you’ll regularly contact clients, sending relevant and valuable content while being unobtrusive. You can approach them directly in their inboxes, and text messages are a double-edged sword.

Mobile optimization

Another fun fact is that mobile devices account for about 55% of worldwide website traffic, excluding tablets. Right, statistics are not fun, but here comes another one. Email marketing is one of the finest methods to capitalize on the ever-increasing mobile technology, with 60% of all emails being opened on a mobile device. So, is it enough to start thinking of making your email campaigns mobile-friendly? Mobile optimization is a great digital marketing strategy since many spend so much time on portable devices. Plus, it is flexible. Thus, make sure to take this into account!

Next stop – email automation tools

As I was saying, email campaigns are useful for building connections with actual customers and potential clients. Moreover, you can keep them informed while tailoring the marketing communications accordingly. This, on the other hand, sounds like much effort, and businesses looking to invest time and resources effectively. Thus, email automation software can save you much time with the promise of delivering the expected results. In addition, you will surely create a meaningful relationship with your customers. And this is due to the wide plethora of features of marketing automation tools for email campaigns.

Reach potential Customers

Moreover, manual labor is replaced by automation tools. For example, you can send customized messages to specific audiences. This ensures that the intended email recipient receives information appropriate to their needs and interests. And one of the best parts of email marketing software is that it is an affordable solution to grow sales and get higher revenues. No wonder more and more marketers are turning to this strategy!

To sum up, email campaigns remain one of the best marketing strategies. The results that businesses get from implementing such campaigns are undoubtedly impressive. Keeping in touch with customers, delivering relevant content, and tailoring messages according to their personality and needs keep leads engaged. Try this strategy for your business and see how it grows!