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How to start a podcast for your SaaS business?

Ana Maria Stanciuc

Every type of quality content you create for your business will bring extra points in front of your audience or customers. No matter if we’re talking about blog posts, video content, or even audio like a podcast. During this year, I advocated for the importance of content for every SaaS business; no matter what you sell, content is an essential piece of this puzzle, and you should use it to boost your business. I know that in the market, people are going for an easy way of creating content, but in the end, the top-quality one will survive and make your business different.

You will say that because this is my job, I will defend what I am doing and tell you that content is essential. But my strongest argument is that even Google changed its algorithms this year and is scraping for quality content and giving those websites a boost in rank, rather than those who are just creating content for SEO. Yet, with all the digital changes, words have retained their power. And it’s sometimes about something other than SEO.

The power of content for your business

Back to our main subject. Content. And why I advise businesses – SaaS, Software, even an online supermarket, to use this extraordinary power to their advantage. Content is not only about words, but it’s a form of dressing a piece of accurate information for your customers. And content can take many, many states, not only written. And a new format for me that I have researched and discovered its potential this year was the podcast.

From formal to informal formats, a podcast is a more accessible way to deliver your content, message, values, and products directly to your customers. But let me tell you, that is a challenging job, and it is not only about recording yourself in front of a camera or discussing with different leaders from your industry.

First, you must explore why you would also do a podcast. What information will your audience discover they could not find in another place? How can you set the quality of the content you deliver? As you see, the podcast is made of video content, audio content, and written content. Oh, now it doesn’t look that easy anymore. But once you’re starting the rocket, nobody can stop you now! Let’s see exactly how you should start your podcast and why you should do your own starting next year!

Are you thinking about having a podcast?

Rather than this long article, a podcast is easier to deliver and follow by your audience. They can listen to your podcast while doing something else, on their way to the office, at the gym, or while cooking a meal for their friends. This should be the first reason people would prefer a podcast over an article: the flexibility it gives you and the time consumed. And in this way, you can connect faster and better with your customers. You give a face to the voice creating the content; at a human level, people will pay more attention to the information you want to deliver. Other than this, a podcast can help you inform your customers, sell them a product, or gain their loyalty.

Building a direct relationship with your customers

In our industry, sometimes finding the perfect recipe for contacting your potential customers is challenging. Everything changes and happens fast when we live in a digital world. Thus, it would be best to have a solution to deliver your information more quickly and build a strong bond with your potential customers. But one of the answers could be a podcast. People can listen to the content you want to deliver and even interact with you if you go live. Moreover, with so many AI solutions on the market that creates content, seeing a human face will give your customers more trust in your brand.

A podcast can be a great lead generator

Building a podcast can be a terrific technique for your company to approach new prospects. Finding new ways to acquire leads is ongoing work for SaaS organizations. Without giving off the appearance that you’re trying to sell them something, you can describe to the audience what your product does. If people accidentally find your podcast and you can help them with their problem, they might subscribe and eventually buy your product. Of course, if your content is good, you don’t have to sell any product. By only following your podcast, people will become leads and eventually customers.

Remember the branding!

Another great benefit of having a podcast for your SaaS business is that, at the same time, you will build your brand color. And we all know that people follow a good story and brand. Thus, rather than being a money maker, a podcast is an excellent branding builder. You can involve your community in the subjects you choose to discuss and associate your business with leaders from the market, which will be crazy for your brand awareness! And if you will manage to create a small community of people around your podcast, there is only a little step until you also tend to generate revenue from that.

What do you need to create a successful podcast?

Now, this is the tricky part. If deciding to start a podcast, you thought it was the hard part, but that was the easy one. In creating a good and followed podcast, you must also pay attention to your video quality and learn how to use an excellent audio editor for your sound.

But what equipment do you need to get started?

  • A laptop or a computer
  • A good microphone for your podcast
  • A good video editor & audio editing software (or a podcast editor)
  • Find a charismatic human to deliver your podcast

Here are some suggestions to keep you motivated: 

Be focused: It may be tempting to make a podcast that appeals to all listeners, but some can only like you. So concentrate on going on your path and choose wisely your topics. 

Keep your audience in mind: It’s helpful to consider the audience you want to attract to your podcast when writing or creating material. Buyer personas are fictitious representations of ideal customers created by many marketers, and such models can be designed to aid in creating your content. 

Consistency: Post new podcast episodes regularly to be regarded seriously.

Create a workflow: Remember your big picture and stick with a plan. Create storytelling around your episodes by having at least a short script. 

Promote: Last but not least. Remember to promote your podcast on social media and tell people about your work. 

So, when are you starting your podcast?

Now that you know another way to promote your SaaS business and all the elements to start your rocket, what is holding you back? From our experience, the first step is the hardest: to begin. Then, every detail can be done by planning the right software product to help you deliver quality content and consistency. We know it takes time and a lot of energy when you’re doing good things. But in the end, it is so rewarding to see how your business grows only because you started to do something different for your customers and implicitly for your business.


Ana Maria Stanciuc


Ana Maria Stanciuc

Head of Content & Editor-in-Chief @ Tekpon

Creative Content Chief

Ana Maria Stanciuc is a highly skilled writer and content strategist with 10+ years of experience. She has experience in technical and creative writing across a variety of industries. She also has a background in journalism.

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