New Ryte: Version 6.0 is here

Author Maria
Updated May 18th, ’22
Category SEO Software
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There is no way of surviving in this industry if you’re not evolving as a business. As businesses and people’s needs are changing from day to day, as a company that creates a product for these needs, you’ll have to be able to evolve and find a better solution than yesterday. Ryte is such a company. And we are pleased to show you their new beautiful interface and glamorous features that will make you fall in love with digital marketing. And, of course, make your life easier.

What is Ryte?

You’re probably asking what Ryte is. If you haven’t read our full review about this optimization tool that will boost your website, you should do it. But I’ll give you a good insight into this tool. If you have a website, you know that SEO is an important part of your strategy to grow it. Ryte makes it easy for anyone to monitor, analyze, and optimize marketing assets on a website. However, they have some new features that will make Ryte worth the money even more.

Web vitals

Ryte Version 6.0

Now, let’s see what new stuff they have brought to this SEO platform:

  • New look and navigation
  • Report Search 
  • Report Gallery
  • Data Explorer
  • Historic Crawl Data
  • Nested Organic Performance Insights
  • Improvements to Organic Traffic Forecasts
  • URL & Keyword Shortcuts

Other than improving their design, they manage to make also some performance changes. As a result, it will work and deliver the results you need much faster than before!

Ryte Version 6

And we are sure that much other new stuff will come from this tool. If you don’t know yet what to think, we say that you’ll probably have to test it and see it for yourself. And if you’re using it already, enjoy the new view of the platform and its results!