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What is Ryte?

Ryte is an easy-to-use website optimization software that, according to the website Ryte.com, “combines the fields of Website Quality Assurance, SEO and Content Optimization.” As of January 11th, 2021, Ryte is used by over 1,500 companies and partners worldwide and is the Website Quality Management platform of choice for companies including BMW, Allianz, and Boston Consulting Group. As a reliable website optimization platform, it provides plenty of website optimization and SEO analysis tools, including keyword research and filtering on-page SEO checker.

Ryte makes it easy for anyone to monitor, analyze, and optimize marketing assets on a website and maximize the investment return through website management. In addition, Ryte works with the Google Search Console, giving great insights into a website. However, we are most enthusiastic about Ryte’s platform’s willingness to be innovative and develop better tools. With its most recent funding of €6.5 million for further development, times look exciting for Ryte.

However, it looks likely that Ryte will work only with the Google Search Console in terms of optimization, so those who use other options may not care for it, except they are willing to adapt. This is just our concern, however. Don’t let it put you off because Ryte is an excellent website optimization tool with many advantages, and who knows, in the future, they might branch out to platforms other than the Google Search Console.

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Starting from:

$120 /month

Pricing Model: Subscription

Pricing Details:

Ryte has different pricing tiers for different needs. It may be used by individual bloggers and new businesses needing help with their online presence before they scale. You can read more on our dedicated page if you want to discover all Ryte pricing plans.

  • Reporting & Statistics
  • Mobile Keywords
  • Keyword Tracking
  • Audit Management
  • Content Management
  • Click Tracking

Additional Features

  • AB Testing


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Ryte is a bespoke website optimization software introduced in 2012. Since then, it has been one of the leading solutions for website and SEO optimizations. But these days, the concept of website optimization is evolving. So, we have done a Ryte review today to determine whether it can keep up, and we highlight the best and worst of the platform.

Ryte – Website Optimization

Ryte has proven itself in the realm of website optimization. And as an SEO analysis platform, it more than holds its own. However, even though there is a lot the Ryte software does right, some problems still crop up as users try to use it for website optimization and SEO analysis. Please keep reading to find out what the Ryte website optimization software gets a spot on and what some of our gripes are with the service. As a quick spoiler, though, our Ryte review found that Ryte is an excellent, powerful choice when used with Google Search Console. But if you’re the type that prefers using other platforms, then you’re better off looking elsewhere.

Ryte website optimisation review Tekpon

What Does Ryte Do?

Whatever you do, if you are online somehow, you want people to see you quickly. You want anyone from anywhere to find you online. It is even better if they do not know you before but find you because you are easy to find. This is what website optimization is for. Ryte software is one of the market’s most efficient website optimization tools.

It does many things, including analyzing if a website is indexable through checking important analytics such as HTTP status codes, robots.txt files, canonicals, redirects, and pagination. As we have mentioned above, Ryte does its Analysis using data provided by Google Search Console, so you might want to consider other options if you need insights from other tools.

Ryte Suite: Simplify your digital marketing toolset

What are the best Ryte Features?

Ryte features some great tools that provide a heightened analytical experience for your website. So let’s go further and discover from this review, what features does Ryte offers for your website optimization:

  • Dashboard

Ryte offers a project dashboard to overview a website’s key KPIs and vital information about website health. It enables a user to easily monitor website KPIs and get all essential information at once. It notifies users of new features too.


  • SEO Alerting

Ryte has a great SEO alerting feature in the sense that it instantly notifies the user of any significant issues or changes that compromise the SEO health of the website. This enables the user to spot the complication or differences in time and correct it or brace for them. While it is essential to notice these changes and issues immediately and how they impact search performance and the website generally, Ryte goes one step further by isolating which changes or issues will affect the performance.

  • SEO Auditing

Ryte evaluates the overall SEO health of the website. In evaluating a website with Ryte, many issues may be revealed, including On-page SEO issues, Content gaps, Technical SEO issues, and Website structure issues. Ryte Analysis may also bring out many more issues affecting website ranking and health. Ryte recommends actions to correct the potential problems or improve the content that eventually optimized the website.

  • SEO Change Tracking

Ryte helps you to keep complete track of the changes you make to your website infrastructure or website content. It also allows you access to past versions of your website through backups and historical snapshots.

  • Technical SEO

Technical SEO makes a website optimally usable by any user, regardless of device. It includes things like accessibility and navigability. It optimizes the website and helps it fulfill the vital prerequisite for better ranking. Ryte has an SEO web crawler that consistently monitors and identifies the technical issues within a website.

  • Keyword Research

Ryte helps you find keywords for a given search topic or term and suggests related keywords for a given search term. It additionally provides metrics such as keyword volume, difficulty, and competition.

  • SERP Rank Tracking

SERP is any result on a Google Search Engine Results Page (SERP) that is not a traditional, organic result. For example, image packs featuring snippets and related questions are some types of SERP. Ryte tracks organic rank for targeted keywords and reports on current and historical metrics for the average position, visibility, the share of voice, traffic, and so on, which put your content and website on the SERP line.

  • Data Visualization

Ryte provides visually stimulating data, displaying rankings, key metrics, and other vital data through charts and graphs.

  • Custom Reports

The software enables users to build and carry out their customized SEO reports. In addition, it allows users to adapt software reports to suit their needs or create pieces of their own.

Ryte Detailed Integrations

Ryte can be used in tandem with other software to improve its usaThis softwareware are:

Google Search Console

It integrates the data that Google Search Console collects about the website into its Analysis. It goes much further than the Search Console in terms of providing data.

Google Analytics

Like the Search Console, Ryte integrates data from Google Analytics. But while the Search Console and Analytics are great tools for website analytics, Ryte goes much further by tracking website changes sites, showipreciselytly what is wrong if web and SEO optimization, and even giving advanced notifications to users of changes that will affect the website optimization. These are just a few of the many other advantages.


WordPress powers 35% of the internet,d it is the foremost website builder on the web. As a result of WordPress’s power in many websites, Ryte can be integrated with it as a sort of analysis and optimization tool. Hence, even if the website isn’t created from scratch and is hosted on WordPress, everything Ryte can do.

Ryte Review Conclusions

Rytean is excellent read software for website optimization. Because of its knack for introducing upgrades and new innovative tools that increase the value it brings, we exthat it will be a mainstay in the world of website optimization for a long time. Still, we hope that this Ryte review will clarify some things for you, and you’ll get an excellent reading opportunity to use it for your business.

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