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Best Scheduling Tools to use for Entrepreneurs

Tekpon Author - Ana-Maria Stanciuc

For most people being an entrepreneur is an easy job, maybe the dream job. But it’s not always like this. And if you want to be that professional, that will bring some changes; the job description is becoming more complex. If you think an entrepreneur is that human going to parties, conferences, or meetings in a suit, talking and pitching their ideas, then probably you are not on your way to becoming one. Behind this name stays a lot of work, hours spent on your ideas, people depending on you, the cash flow you have to assure in the business, and many other tasks. Of course, not everybody is made to become an entrepreneur, but those who took this hard path must know that they can make their life easier with some of their tasks.

What are the best scheduling tools for online meetings?

Meetings are important for their work. Planning their program and work, which sometimes can demand more than 24 hours, is another task they must manage. Thus, how can software products improve productivity and ease this part? The answer stays in using the scheduling software for their appointments with clients, possible investors, and even their online meetings with the team. Having just a calendar in your office where you write your meetings is not always the best idea. Let’s see what the best scheduling tools that an entrepreneur can use for their productivity to increase are:


Calendly is a web-based scheduling and online calendar that facilitates the planning and administration of meetings. For example, entrepreneurs can use Calendly to schedule meetings with team members, clients, or customers rather than sending them emails and making phone calls. Also, with this tool, you can choose your availability, choose the meeting type, and then let Calendly synchronize invitees and schedules.

Calendly is straightforward with its purpose and features according to its mission. So, here is what you can do with this online scheduling tool:

  • Create Meetings
  • Scheduling in Calendly
  • Automation Tools
  • Integrations to bring further automation to meetings.
  • Analytics
  • Integrations provide full CRM tools.
  • Ongoing Relationships

Another tool that will provide an online calendar to plan your meetings and control your schedule is You can use these tools as both a productivity and a scheduling tool. This product allows you to share your availability with team members and plan online meetings through the app. Moreover, the app’s analytics tools are one of its most distinctive features. As an entrepreneur, you can track how many meetings you’ve booked, rescheduled, attended, canceled, and missed; analytics tools help you make the most of your time. Here are just some of the important things you can do with

  • Customizable Features
  • Share your calendars
  • Integrate with personal calendar
  • Automated team scheduling
  • Time analytics

Google Calendar

Probably for many people, this one is the most popular. People can create shareable calendars and plan team meetings or other events using Google Calendar. For example, users can add or access conference room information in Google Calendar for booked meetings. Both one-time tasks and recurrent ones, like staff meetings, are supported by this system. Teams can create events, invite participants, pick rooms and locations, add event details and attachments, and much more. Let’s see some of its great features:

  • Calendar Management
  • Room Booking
  • Notification
  • Calendar Sync


Here is another tool that will do a great job for entrepreneurs. Appointy is a software product for scheduling appointments that can meet everyone’s demands. It offers everything a business might need to expand and run its daily operations. Thus, what can entrepreneurs do with this scheduling tool? First, they can make appointments online. For instance, their clients can make appointments whenever and wherever they like. Then, they and their team members can become more productive. Online appointments, social promotion via Facebook, Twitter, and email marketing are other ways to draw clients. Furthermore, entrepreneurs may keep those clients by implementing a customer loyalty program. Some of its great features are:

  • Automatic Scheduling
  • Automatic reminders
  • Synchronization with Calendar
  • Built-in Marketing tools
  • Customer Relationship Management (CRM)
  • Business Analytics
  • Back-to-back service booking
  • Recurring booking
  • Facebook and website booking
  • Email marketing
  • Reporting and Statistics

As an entrepreneur, you work and meet many people and don’t want to lose track of any. And here is where an online calendar where you or your partners can schedule a meeting by saving time and making things happen faster. With a tool like this, you can have the big picture of your daily work and even keep track of every contact you make. As we said, being an entrepreneur is not an easy job or way of living, especially not for everyone. But those with a real gift for this can improve their work and life with small adjustments and different software products. Of course, there are many tools for scheduling online meetings, but you have to meet the right one for you and your business needs.