Tekpon announces pre-seed round to change the future of software sector

Author Maria
Updated May 21st, ’22
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  1. About Tekpon

Hello everyone,

Today is a very electrifying day for our team. We can now launch our rocket, called Tekpon, in the software industry! Our team has worked their … off to bring this project to life.

We dreamed with our eyes opened for the day when our crazy ideas would take shape and see the light. Instead, our project, Tekpon, can now grow and become the world’s largest and most accurate software marketplace.

Finally, today we can announce the close of the pre-seed round funded by an independent angel investor and two venture capital firms, Growth Box Ventures and SeedStake.

We’ve raised smart money across the pre-seed round to accelerate the growth of our beloved project Tekpon – a tech aggregator that brings together both software users and companies that develop the products in the same place.

With this partnership, we will change the future of the software reviews industry by delivering people only honest information about the products they love. Not only this, but also we will be able to help businesses from the software sector to get more leads and grow their product.

The pre-seed funding round was led by sector-experienced investors. Both VC firms have a combined portfolio of investments into over 70 tech startups and are committed to supporting Cogneve’s management strategically and with their network.

In addition, the funding will accelerate Tekpon’s growth by investing the money into their team, website infrastructure, website features, products and fulfill our main goal: giving something valuable to software consumers and helping them realize the real impact of software products and technology in their lives.

Moreover, the team is developing more products for Tekpon that will help businesses and individuals choose the right software for their needs.

“Mutual trust is the stepping stone of our partnership. The most important part for us was to find smart investors that could give us more than money and help us take Tekpon to the next level.” CEO of Cogneve, Alexandru Stan

Our team aims to build the most relevant software marketplace where people can find accurate information about technology and everything they need to make the right choice and buy only the tools they need. As well as helping businesses to get more leads and reach their desired clients.

About Tekpon

If you haven’t already understood this until now, let us remind you what we do. Tekpon is a software marketplace born out of the genuine desire to help people change how they consume and purchase software products and services. Behind Tekpon is a team of enthusiastic tech lovers who, above all, want to help users boost their lives and businesses with the right software. Furthermore, its mission is to help people and businesses make the right software choice. Tekpon is the solution to all your software needs.

We want to thank all the people out there that believe in us, in our values. And to our software community, we promise to deliver them only quality reviews and the necessary help to save money and buy by making the right software choice.