The benefits of using LinkedIn for your business

Cristiana Trifu - Tekpon Author

Man is by nature a social animal, said Aristotle in the 4th century BC. But with the technological advancement of our 21st century, we dare to add only one word in the saying: media. We have become social media animals. And this is no surprise considering the broad spectrum of media channels we can use to make the best of our image. It is all about the image and how you choose to present yourself on the web. Good media reputation attracts followers, and for businesses, using social platforms is a valuable marketing strategy with the potential to generate leads. 

The role of the LinkedIn platform

Each social media platform has its role and its specifics. For example, some specialize in video content, others socialize and share photos or entertainment. On the other hand, some of them have impressive job opportunities building business visibility. For the latter, we have the LinkedIn example. It is the most popular professional network users reach to find a job, connect, expand and enhance professional relations with people in their industry and outside it.

So, on LinkedIn, people are interested in widening their professional circle sharing work-related information. But, there are businesses too, focused on these people, looking to strengthen professional relations and create more brand visibility. Companies know a very fruitful lead generation process thanks to this social media platform’s tools, such as the LinkedIn business page or LinkedIn advertising. 

There are several reasons to go for a LinkedIn Company Page. They all have in common two desiring elements every business wants to achieve: raising brand awareness and generating trust among clients and business partners. After all, isn’t it the main purpose of a company?

Built business trustworthiness

Besides job openings providing opportunities to job seekers and enlarging the professional network, LinkedIn gained popularity due to its capability to generate leads and nurture referral connections. Having a LinkedIn page, you can share your business’ story, create closure with your followers, share job opportunities, and many others. Like some say, sharing is caring. And when you share information about the company with the public, you will build trust. 

Giving accurate and comprehensive information and sharing relevant and engaging content in all available forms can scale up your company’s global reach. The LinkedIn business page should be used at its full potential, posting as often as possible. This is a great method to reach more audiences and improve your company page’s statistics. Do not overlook the weight of an authentic and relevant status update. Of course, this leads to likes, comments, and shares. But, at the same time, it is proof that you know your public, their values, and desires, and consider their interests so your posts are on the same wavelength. 

Helping people with useful information about your business have the potential to draw business attention. So whether it is information about your organization or your products and services, anything that might help potential clients learn about you is beneficial.

It’s about making your company visible to the public

The content you share on your page should meet your interests and your audience’s. For example, if you are a small business lacking brand awareness, your primary goal would be to introduce and promote your products and services. And, if you have a hard time figuring out what your public wants to know about you, we can help! A recent study conducted in 2020 found that popular reasons among people who follow brands are learning about new products and services, staying up to date with the company news, learning about promotions and discounts, entertainment, education, and inspiration. So, use these insights to your advantage.

Thus, one of the main benefits of using a LinkedIn business page is to raise brand awareness. People who see you might not take action when purchasing immediately. They might not even sign up for receiving your newsletters. Yet! They know about your existence on the market is a good starting point. 

Also, you can use LinkedIn advertising. This tool will promote your business through ads campaigns, with sponsored content and messages that have the potential to engage your audience more effectively. 

Moreover, your business evolution using LinkedIn can be endorsed by automation tools. LinkedIn supports the software called Linked Helper 2, an app designed to automate a big part of your daily time-consuming tasks on the platform. It has many useful features supporting your activities and doing a big part of your job. What do you say about the possibility of auto-responding to messages, auto mailing system, group message, auto-invite, or auto visiting? Within Linked Helper 2, the following and unfollowing process is automated; you can get your desired job candidates based on specific keywords and profiles and build a targeted mailing list. 

LinkedIn automation tools manage honorably to generate leads. How? By automating tasks. The recipe is easy to follow, and the steps are not complicated. So, the journey of the LinkedIn automation tools is following, invite, visit, follow up, endorse, messages, and invite to LinkedIn Group. Let them generate leads for you, and concentrate on other aspects of your work. 

Accept Invite in Linked Helper 2 Interface

How to add promotion on LinkedIn? 

It means a lot in terms of reputation to keep your LinkedIn profile up to date. So, in addition to your presentation, status updates, and content you share, you might want to give your followers the most recent news. Like a promotion. Here are the steps you have to follow to add promotion on LinkedIn:

Go to your LinkedIn profile and scroll down to your experience section. You will see a plus icon you must click on in the right corner. Then, you will be shown a field you have to fill in with your new information like the title, the company, and the start date. In the same window, you can set the end dates for your other positions if there are any. You also have a field where you can automatically complete your actual job description or stick to the one LinkedIn offers. Other options you will find there include sharing media links.

Of course, a promotion is not to be seen only by your eyes. You want to share the great news with your network. LinkedIn seems to know this and gives you the possibility to set an alert to inform your followers about your success. Thus, to continue with the steps I presented, you can toggle on the notification button to share with the network placed at the end of the dialog box. Please spread the news with all of your contacts, keep them updated, and celebrate the event together. Just click the save button when you are done, and you are good to go.

If you want to make the best of this option and gain more visibility, you should complete all the fields given by LinkedIn. It is an important part of profile optimization. When used correctly, LinkedIn can be a powerful marketing strategy that will bring important benefits to your organization, including brand awareness and trust. So, consider this social media platform when you make your business plan.