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The importance of a great logo for your business

Cristiana Trifu

What does it take for a business to be successful? The first thought you have in mind is great products and services with even greater prices and promotions. At the same time, you might think about how a brand chooses to communicate with customers and potential customers. Of course, it has to communicate across each channel to keep the audience engaged, especially on social media. And you are right to think about these aspects. But there is another part of the brand’s identity keeping people coming and returning. It is an inherent part, and you may not consciously know it. 

I am talking about a business logo. A business logo design works as a differentiator from the companies you compete with. And it is at your fingertips to create a visual identifier using a brand logo maker. We will convey the usefulness of a logo design app later, so hold the line!

Supposing you run a recently opened coffee shop on an intensely crossed street. You might have the widest range of coffee drinks and the best ingredients. Naturally, you want to attract clients, but what if these customers already have a place they enjoy? What makes a potential customer enter your pub and not another one might be your company’s visual identity. Excluding exceptional cases, people think in images, and they usually respond instantly to them. Your business logo allows you to deliver something in just a few seconds. That is why you must not lose sight of the importance of such an element. 

What is a logo for a brand?

A logo is a big part of the brand’s identity. When made right, it can compress the whole story of your business. We all like stories, and when a brand gives us an interesting narrative thread, it is almost impossible to ignore it. Hence, let’s see how a logo design can help your business.

Attention grabber

Even if your business has the potential to be very successful, in the beginning, your efforts must be aimed at standing out with something unique. And a good brand logo is most likely to grab attention. But nowadays, our attention is limited since every business fights for it. It has been proven that less than half a second in which people are exposed to visual content is enough to recall important parts of what they saw. Well, you must fight for that half-second and make it memorable. So reach for a solid logo design for your business. This aspect is the first element with which a potential customer interacts, so the logo must be strong enough to convince people that it is worth giving you more than half a second. 

Gain some space in people’s minds

A well-designed logo will not go unnoticed. It is a symbol that people will associate your business with. In their memory, the logo design will remain imprinted on the activity that your company carries out. And at the same time, customers will associate your brand with their feelings when they think of you. There is a close connection between these factors. The business logo design seems to be a mental shortcut through which customers evaluate and re-evaluate what you have to offer.

You might not remember the name of a brand, but there are fewer chances to forget the logo. Thus, make sure that your client’s experience with your company is one of a kind. They will remember you and associate this positive experience with the brand logo.

You’re not like the rest

Every business has its own story. And this is a real advantage because you can use it as a starting point to present yourself to consumers. Therefore, the business logo should focus on what sets you apart from the competition. Specifically, try to make the logo a bearer of your business’s values, beliefs, and mission. Think about your business background and core values and how you can transpose and communicate them through a unique visual. This visual identity aspect tells your customers who you are and why you are better than your competitors. 

Build trust and loyalty

A reputable business will present itself professionally to its clients. This means that your business logo has to be compelling and professional. Moreover, by doing your best to make a good impression on customers, it shows that their opinion matters and your overall services can deliver quality goods. If your logo is inadequate and lacks professionalism, potential customers will be entitled to have second thoughts about trying your products and services. At some point, your brand will grow and become more popular. This popularity will create a sense of familiarity, strengthening your customers’ trust. So, they will look for you when they need a product or service you offer. In other words, they will look for your logo.

Make your brand recognizable

Ever wonder why logo designs like McDonald’s, Nike, Apple, or Coca-Cola are so famous? Have you ever noticed that some of the most recognizable logos globally are modest? It is about colors, textures, shapes, fonts, and simplicity. When making your logo design, try to keep a clear path according to your business’s values. If you are more of a business person and less of an artist, you can reach a graphic designer or test your skills with a logo design app. 

How to design a great logo for your business? 

Perhaps a common question for many businesses is how to match their brand with the logo. A great logo can tell your business’ story, values, ideals, and mission in only one image. First, do your homework and take your time to understand who you are and what you have to say on the market. Next, have brainstorming sessions with your staff ask them to give opinions. When the work is done together, customers will feel it. Another step in creating a business logo is to ask yourself how you want to be perceived. You can then choose colors, fonts, or shapes based on this answer.

You can consider conducting focus groups with your target audience to discuss different brand logos proposals and see why they are attracted to one instead of another. This helps you make improvements to your business logo. But, most importantly, keep it nice and simple. A minimalist logo design is easier to be remembered and recognize. And, to be fair, this is what you want. 

As for the practical part, namely creating the visual identity, companies have two options. The first is to ask a graphic designer to create the logo design. Thanks to the graphic designer’s professionalism and experience, this is a reliable option. Send him a detailed brief and wait for the result. 

But let’s say you don’t trust another person to do this job. Because you know the business best, you want to work on it yourself and test your skills. Great news that there is software to support your efforts. You will find a logo design app that fits your needs from the broad spectrum of logo makers. 

Best logo maker for your business 

When you start a business, you do not have to be a graphic designer to create a brand logo. Instead, you should know how to use a logo design app or more if you want to do this job by yourself. Thus, we will say some words about them, and you decide which is the best logo maker for your company. 

Brandcrowd is a premium logo maker software that integrates a large library of icons and layouts, so you do not have to make your logo design from scratch. Those over 21,000 icons are created by professional designers. You can customize them to match your business values and feelings by editing the icon, text, or background color. Not only can you create a business logo design, but this platform gives you templates for business cards, social media posts, banners, posters, and many other visuals. 

Premium logo maker BrandCrowd review Tekpon

PicMonkey comes with a simple interface that won’t hinder you from understanding how to use it. Its graphic library includes a category dedicated to logos. This allows you to create your brand’s visual identity from PicMonkey templates suggestions. The predefined icons are customizable to edit text change colors and graphics according to your brand identity. 

Another great logo design app that does not request you to be a professional graphic designer is Canva. This tool is used in creating all sorts of visuals, from presentations and flyers to business logos. Many people reach for this app because it is easy to use and supports the learning process through a learning portal where they can understand how the platform works. At the same time, you can find inspiration using this tool. It provides a fairly large amount of templates and creative ideas you can use to build a perfect logo design. Not to mention it offers a free version and a free trial.

Canva online graphic design

Ad design, logo design, banners, social media posts are no strangers to Viewst. This app is great at improving the workflow due to its amazing features that allow creative efforts to be automated. It offers different formats for lots of visual content, and it automatically converts the design into what kind of format you want. Also, the pre-made icons and built-in templates will ease your job, especially if you have no experience in design. 

Remember to be remembered

A brand logo is not something extra but a key element for your business identity. It has the potential to grab people’s attention, tell your story and communicate your beliefs. A business logo is the first impression maker when customers contact you. So, it has to be compelling, unique, and authentic to build customers’ trust. A brand logo is one powerful tool that gives you the advantage of being remembered by clients. This is why you should not miss this opportunity to make the best out of this visual differentiator.


Cristiana Trifu


Cristiana Trifu

Copywriter @ UM Worldwide

SaaS Content Writer

Cristiana Trifu is a talented and versatile copywriter who helps create brand narratives at Universal McCann. With a keen eye for detail and a knack for crafting compelling messages, Cristiana has quickly contributed significantly to various high-impact marketing campaigns.
Ana Maria Stanciuc


Ana Maria Stanciuc

Head of Content & Editor-in-Chief @ Tekpon

Creative Content Chief

Ana Maria Stanciuc is a highly skilled writer and content strategist with 10+ years of experience. She has experience in technical and creative writing across a variety of industries. She also has a background in journalism.