The Pandemic & The Peek of The Digital Revolution

Tekpon Author - Alina Stan

If you are reading this, you, like us, have also noticed the increase in the number of software and new technologies emerging during this pandemic. Why? We can only assume, and that is what we will do over here.

Did the pandemic force people to innovate?

Our wild guess is yes, usually with a crisis of any kind. But, unfortunately, this is precisely what happens. People are forced to get out of their comfort zone for several reasons. One of the most common by far is unemployment. Yes, unemployment takes people out of their comfort zone, probably the most, and teamed up with time, and being stuck at home gives them time to think.

Moreover, think about it. When did people have this much time to think about what they like?! Let us help you. Never, people had this kind any other time in their life.

They never had the time to spend with their families and to consider developing upon their dreams.

Did you know that most entrepreneurs are born under pressure?

Some of you probably did, but surely most don’t. While most people are angry about the crisis, they overlook that most prominent businesses and innovative companies that change the way we live our lives right now started in the previous financial crisis. Here are a few examples:

  • Uber
  • Groupon
  • WhatsApp
  • Airbnb

Therefore, next time you think about a crisis as a negative thing, keep in mind that something good and new opportunities always come out. Also, remember what a businessman says, never let a good crisis go to waste. “

The Digital Revolution

Yes, you heard us right already, The Digital Revolution. Think about all the focus that has changed over this last couple of months towards self-driving cars, electric cars, remote work software, machine learning, artificial intelligence, and even policies regarding the minimum income. However, since Tekpon is all about how software can improve your life and save you time and all, let us focus on developing the software side of things.

Thus, in the upcoming years, we have to get used to getting creative and let artificial intelligence and automation software give us the time for what we are best at creativity.

I guess we can consider our selfs lucky to be part of what is happening right now; we have the chance to be part of the third important revolution, with the first being the agricultural revolution, the second the industrial revolution, and now the digital revolution. While this whole revolution started way back in the 40s, we are just reaching the apogee. We went through years from the invention of the transistor in the 40s, the invention of the internet in the 60s, the world wide web in the 90s, the 00s with the social media, the web 2.0 and smartphones, and now AI and Robotics.

We can’t know for sure what is coming, but we expect an era of more free time for our friends as families.

Keep an open mind and enjoy what new technologies bring to the table. In the meantime, we here at Tekpon will keep you up to date on all that’s new up there.