The social media management tool that Guy Kawasaki uses

Author Cristian
Updated Sep 19th, ’22
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Social Champ is the tool that I use the most for my social media efforts. It’s the cleanest and most efficient tool that I’ve found.

Guy Kawasaki

What is Social Champ?

Social Champ is a social media management tool that helps you manage your social accounts, schedule posts, track analytics, generate reports, and automate the content creation process.​ To find out more about the product and how it can help you, listen to our podcast below.

Social Champ Pricing

Cristian: “Let’s talk about pricing, do you have a free pricing plan?”

Ashmal: “Absolutely, we have a free model that allows you to join with 3 social media platforms.”

You can start using Social Champ today for free, with no credit card required. If you enjoy using it, you can upgrade your plan with our 30% off deal.