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Top 3 video making tools for freelancers

Cristiana Trifu - Tekpon Author

Visual content is that thing that makes social media users engage more with the platform and the creator. We all are visual beings, and most of us think in images. Any content creator or freelance video editor should not forget this theory. Because the volume of posts on social media is so abundant, content creators have to use their most powerful strategies to stand out from the crowd. It is not an easy mission, and dull photos are not enough for community engagement. Instead, video-making tools might be your greatest solution for creating something out of the ordinary social media landscape. 

Living in a dynamic world, we have the same expectations for the virtual world. And this is the case for brands too. We assisted in the rise of video marketing because video content captures the public’s attention quicker and for longer than traditional photo posts. At the same time, thanks to video marketing software’s prevalence on the market, every user can become a content creator. Firstly, because the production costs are affordable and video-making tools are easy to use. 

Best three tools for a video freelancer

The rise of video content finds us talking about the tools that gave it life. The video marketing maker software is essential for a freelance video editor, whether for personal projects or brands. Great video editing skills come from using the best video-making app. But, of course, that is highly related to your needs. This is why you should learn more about video-making tools’ functionalities. 


An easy-to-use and versatile video animation software that gives beginners safe heaven to develop their video marketing skills is Viddyoze. This app provides users with many templates and the possibility to create a wide range of content, such as intros, outros, call to action, and other useful formats for marketing campaigns. Moreover, it is a perfect tool that fits your social media requirements, meaning that the templates are suitable for social platforms too. Thus, this video marketing software works so well as a social media video editor providing Instagram video templates. 

In addition, Viddyoze gives you the advantage of creating interesting and hard-to-forget videos. Stunning filters and video effects can bring your content closer to what you want to express. Lens flares, light effects, film grain, grading, and many other functionalities are waiting to get your hands on them. In addition, you can buy it once and use it for a lifetime. 

Templates Viddyoze


Animaker is a video-making tool that makes the messages you deliver more accessible and easier to understand. How come? Because Animaker software is part of the animation tools category that doesn’t require prior knowledge about graphic design or animations. It is a professional platform that supports 4K videos managing to implement video content as close as possible to reality. Besides creating animated videos, you can also go on live videos in a breeze.

Its features allow your creative ideas to come to life. Drag and drop, professionally crafted templates, video asset library, character builder, lip-sync, multi-user collaboration, everything you need to create and bring your ideas to life. As a beginner, freelancer, and non-designer, it is a great and affordable solution.

Animaker Templates

Adobe Spark

How to make a video with pictures and music? Adobe Spark has the answer to this. This app gives your messages a story and a voice. Because it is a facile tool, you don’t have to be tech-savvy to find out how it works. You can be freelancer without a graphic design and video diploma to create compelling and pro posts. Adobe Spark lets you design posters, social media graphics and posts, stories, logos, flyers, and campaign ads.

With Adobe’s help, every piece of content will look professional. Furthermore, Adobe Spark video is a reliable tool for advertising and marketing campaigns for brands and products. Please take it as an inspirational source because it provides stunning backgrounds, trending images, and exceptional icons to make a great impression across audiences. 

Adobe Spark Features

Because making videos is still a key priority for freelance marketers, you should keep up with video editing tools’ latest trends and features. This way, you will be sure that your efforts are rewarded with great visibility and engagement.