Top stock resources platforms for digital creators

Tekpon Author - Ana-Maria Stanciuc

Nowadays, people are consuming more and more video and photo content, which means this type of content has become vital for digital creators. However, keeping your social media accounts alive for your followers is not easy. You always have to create new content, even if there are photos or videos. But even Instagram has turned its face towards videos. So, how can you deal with this if you are a digital creator?

The answer is simple: use stock resource platforms for everything you need. Now, this is the beauty of the internet, and you can always find an excellent solution for every context.

Although stock photography experienced a dramatic surge in popularity in the 1990s and early 2000s due to the internet’s accessibility, many people found these photographs overly kitschy and corporate. In recent years, however, this has transformed, and stock photography and video have developed into a marketplace for creators of distinctive works of art that fall outside the purview of conventional stock.

Let’s discover some of the best stock resource platforms you can use as a digital creator for both video and images, premium and free.

Adobe Stock

I will start with this one as it is the most known since it is offered by Adobe, the same one that provides the best software programs for editing and creating professional designs and videos, and many other things. Thus, people can fully integrate the stock resources provided by Adobe into the Creative Cloud platform. Moreover, since you can explore, test, edit, and utilize high-quality stock photographs in your designs straight in your preferred editing apps, it offers creators a seamless workflow.


Also, if you’re wondering how much it will cost you, let me tell you that they offer a credit-based system that starts from $49.95 for five credits. Or you can choose one of their subscriptions, annual or monthly. Or you can try it for free for 30 days with our Adobe Stock deal and benefit from ten standard assets to help you in the creative process.

In addition, every asset in Adobe Stock is Royalty-Free.  This entitles you to permanent usage rights for the content and means you only need to purchase the license once.


Another big player in the market that you’ve probably heard of is Shutterstock. This one is one of the most known stock platforms for photography. Usually, the resources you find here are high-quality assets, but unlike other platforms, this is slightly more expensive. Of course, you can also find free images or other assets, but I don’t think you will be what you need in terms of quality.

Otherwise, you can find more assets than photos. But also videos, music, vectors, and many other resources. Their monthly subscription starts from $49 per 10 downloads, and if you need more than ten assets, you’ll have to pay more.

shutterstock for content creators

Getty Images

Another name that maybe will ring some bells is Getty Images. A marketplace from which people can buy the rights to media assets like photos, videos, or even songs. There you can also find high-quality assets for your use. Of course, when you see the prices, you’ll probably say you’ll learn how to take photos yourself for that money. But the Getty’s library is quite impressive.

Other stock resources platforms

Let’s say these are the celebrities on stock platforms, and if you want to deliver high-quality to your followers, then these will do the job. But, if you’re looking for other alternatives maybe less expensive, then you should take a look at these:

  • Freepik
  • Videovo – this one is for stock video footage
  • Pexels
  • Unsplash

We know that creating content is not easy, primarily when you must ensure that you deliver something original every time. Thus, all the digital creators out there who need some inspiration or to save some of their time can always use a stock resources platform. For some dollars, you can find high-quality photos or videos or music for your videos. Also, being a digital creator is no longer a new job in society, so the only way you will stand out from the crowd is through your content. So you better choose wisely the assets you are using and don’t be cheap if you want to be the best in your field!