Ikigai Ventures – New €20 Million Fund launched by Eman Pulis

Tekpon Author - Ana-Maria Constantin

If you are the founder of a frontier technology start-up searching for support, we have great news! A new €20 Million fund just launched and aims to support innovative ideas. We are talking about Ikigai Ventures, and it’s the new project of Eman Pulis.

Who is Eman Pulis?

He founded SiGMA Group, an events company focused on online and land-based gaming, emerging tech (AIBC), online affiliation & digital marketing – AGS, and digital health – MED-TECH World.

Thanks to all the conferences & industry events, Eman Pulis has nurtured knowledge and a worldwide network of entrepreneurs, investors, and legal minds. Furthermore, he has an eye for spotting trends in frontier technology.

What does Ikigai mean?

The word “ikigai” is a Japanese concept meaning “reason for being.” In other words, ikigai is what brings you joy, is your life purpose, or is your bliss. However, western interpretation is related to finding your dream career based on four qualities:

  • What you love
  • What you are good at
  • What you can be paid for
  • What the world needs

Ikigai Ventures

Start-ups from all around the world have been coming to Pulis for guidance for a while now. That’s what led to the decision to start Ikigai Ventures.

The Luxembourg-based seed-stage VC firm will focus on investments in gaming, esports, betting, fintech, blockchain, AI, and other frontier technology. Analysts and experts expect these sectors to grow significantly in the near future.

Over half of the €20 million funding has already been committed. Furthermore, the fund will start deploying its capital in Q1 2022. The firms’ partners are leading European tech founders and investors or experienced capitalists that have built and scaled some of Europe’s biggest companies in these verticals. All investors will gather in Malta once a year for the fund’s annual general meeting.

In addition, they want to take a network-driven approach. So, with the purpose of constructing a community that grows bigger and faster and provides extra value to all stakeholders, they’ve built the Ikigai Collective. These are the founders and different developers withinside the area that act as the scouts and extended partners, and they have over 20 of them in the fund.