Juni Raises $73M in Series A

Tekpon Author - Ana-Maria Stanciuc

Juni Raises $73M in Series A to bring a great product to their customers

It’s no longer breaking news for anyone that we live in a digital world. But, unfortunately, once to shift the orbit of neo-banking inventions in the immediate future. And Juni wants to make sure that entrepreneurs, along with their e-commerce businesses, have a say.

With Series A round funding rise by $52M, led by EQT Ventures, FJ Labs, and other investors, Juni, an online banking software for e-commerce entrepreneurs, closes Series A funding by $76M.

“Everything we do is designed to make a life for internet entrepreneurs easier. We’re internet entrepreneurs, too, after all, and before launching Juni, we were in the industry that we cater to today! We understand their pain points and business needs in a way that traditional banking can’t, which in turn means we’re able to offer them a credit product that actually makes sense for them.”

Samir El-Sabini, Founder and CEO at Juni

About Juni

Juni is another disruptive software. This product is an online banking platform that completes the neo-banking industry. But it has a personal twist. It is an online banking software that allows more time for always-on-the-run e-commerce entrepreneurs. This fintech tool is now launched in a beta version, and its main objective is to make businesses grow.

Juni emerged as a solution to the problems the CEO himself, Samir El-Sabini, lived in the e-commerce industry. So, for those e-commerce entrepreneurs that operate with inventory, dropshipping, or affiliate marketing, this online banking software is the best solution for their business needs.

In addition, this fintech platform that plans to become the best financial companion offers e-commerce businesses the possibility to obtain short-term credit.

Credit card Juni.co

Also, Juni’s offer greets its customers with the possibility to use multiple accounts with the best credit offerings. As well as a unified view and many insights about their flow funds based on their activity and 1% cashback. Because time is precious to all of us, especially entrepreneurs, an online banking platform that frees it up is more than welcome.

Watching this fintech platform launch in beta version makes us think about its bright future, or as Samir El-Sabini puts it, ‘From the beginning to the win’!