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All the functionalities your rent-a-car company needs

All the operations and functionalities your rent-a-car company needs | Robert Vasile - Way2Rentals

About Way2Rentals

Robert: Way2Rentals is a software that rent-a-car companies use. It solves many issues that all software has. With the API key, anybody can make it fully customizable. Let’s look at some of the problems. At the end of the day, you want to see your fleet, how many cars are outside, how many vehicles are in the garage, the cars that came back, how many kilometers they made, and what you got for time and kilometers—almost anything you would want to know. We have a list of about 80 fields that you can ask whatever you wish to know about the fleet, the prices, the kilometers damages, everything. The software is on the cloud, and you can use it with your phone, tablet, and laptop.

Do you see the rent-a-car industry growing?

Robert: Yes, and it’ll grow significantly because the sales B2C will disappear. I think that in the near future, the only companies that will sell B2C are the ones that can customize the car as the client wants. He can pick whatever color he wants from the interior. These are the companies that will still sell cars. In the future, you will be able to go outside your home with your phone, open the car, go wherever you want, leave the car there, close it, and another person will take it.

We are also encouraged to use the car less and work more. I think the rent-a-car is an excellent solution for people to use the same car and not own one and drive, only drive it once a month or once a week. I think we will see significant growth in the share-a-car space. Say you go where wherever you live, you will go outside. You’ll have somebody in the same area that wants to go to the same place or near the same places as you do, and you will both take the same car and share the trip.

Best Way2Rentals features

Robert: As I told you, it’s fully customized, and let’s say you are a client of ours, and you tell us – Robert, I need the software to do this. And we will check if the development you are asking for will help other rental car companies, it’ll be for free. But if it’s only because we do it for you, and only you will have access, nobody else. That’s why customization is a big part of rent-a-car. There are a lot of rental car software companies that don’t have API integration. People from the company have to copy the bookings from the wholesalers and then put them on their system. Automating it is a significant competitive advantage.

Way2Rentals cost

Robert: It depends. If we have a client with five cars and think of reaching 1000 cars, we take it one way. If somebody comes and says – now I have ten cars, maybe I will run 20 vehicles. It’s another price range because we know where he can go and the more or less much revenue he will get from these 10 to 20 cars.

How competitive is the rental car space?

Robert: It’s pretty competitive. I don’t I strongly don’t believe in competing in price. I believe in competing in the excellence of what you do, your service. Sometimes we are better, and other times there are better people. But we do strongly believe in the excellence of our services. And that’s how we differentiate from others. I think that’s how the rental car companies should think about this business because somebody that sells cheaper can appear anytime, but if you provide better service, you win.

What’s your main vision with Way2Rentals?

Robert: We would like to become the leading player in this business. I started cleaning cars, and now I am working with super sports cars, but we are super excited for the future.