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How to build a culture of collaborative learning

How to build a culture of collaborative learning | Justin Norris - 360learning

In this episode of the Tekpon SaaS Podcast, host Cristian Dina interviews Justin Norris, 360Learning’s director of marketing operations. The conversation delves into 360Learning’s core offerings, unique approach to collaborative learning, and impact on businesses.

360Learning, founded in 2013 in France, provides a learning management system (LMS) for corporations. Unlike traditional LMS platforms, 360Learning strongly emphasizes collaborative learning. It engages subject matter experts within the company to share unique knowledge with fellow team members. This methodology empowers learners to become content creators, leading to more relevant and impactful learning experiences.

Justin emphasizes that one of the critical problems 360Learning solves is the focus on skills and impact orientation in learning and development. The company has introduced a new focus on skills, akin to attribution in marketing, to gauge the impact of learning on business results and bridge skill gaps within organizations.

360Learning offers a suite of products, including its core LMS, academies for expert-driven learning processes, coaching projects for effective sales enablement, and a live solution to coordinate in-person and virtual training. The platform’s goal is to provide an all-in-one solution for companies to manage their training needs in a unified manner.

As the discussion delves into Justin’s role as the leader of the marketing operations team at 360 Learning, he highlights the importance of maximizing the performance of marketers and business development representatives through technology, streamlined processes, and performance insights. Justin also shares his experience as a content creator for the podcast “RevOps FM,” where he engages with industry professionals to expand his knowledge and share insights at scale.

In conclusion, the episode offers a comprehensive understanding of 360Learning’s innovative approach to collaborative learning, its impact on businesses, its go-to-market strategies, and Justin Norris’s personal and professional journey. The conversation underscores the importance of fostering a collaborative learning culture and leveraging innovative solutions to drive business success in the rapidly evolving SaaS landscape.