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How to help your team touch their objectives

LIVE with Sten Pittet - founder & CEO at Tability

Sometimes when your team is excited about working on a project, they tend to lose themselves in all sorts of ideas and lose track of the big picture of what they really have to do. And we, ourselves, know how hard it is to stick to your primary plans, ideas, KPIs, or goals. So that’s why sometimes you need to bring yourself and your team down to Earth and follow your objectives without losing in an ocean of ideas.

But even in this situation, technology has a solution. It’s called Tability, and it’s a so-called OKR software.

Even though it might seem like quantum physics, it is actually quite simple to understand. An OKR software is defined as “Objectives and key results software” and is a special tool dedicated to communicating, tracking, and measuring your business goals and results. You can set these measures for both teams and individuals. In this way, you’ll keep your focus all the time on your objectives.

But, if you want to learn more about how you can track your team goals with Tability, you have to find out directly from the source.

Ladies, gents, and entrepreneurs, Sten Pittet, CEO at Tability.

About Tability

As mentioned above, Tability is an OKR software project management tool that will empower your team. The platform is easy to use and intuitive, and all you have to do is add your goals, projects, or OKRs. Then, all you have to do is track the progress. Moreover, you can also add your tasks or things to do.

Thus, if you want to stick to your business goals, use the right software for you and your team!